it is addicting

I don’t know what has gotten into me. I have started working out again – been trying to get more work done, trying to catch up and keep up with friends… and then I decide to get on twitter and create this blog!

The twitter thing is addictive and I have been feeling like I did ‘back in the day’ when I joined AOL and would sit there all night in chat rooms talking about mostly useless stuff – but having fun sharing ideas and hearing opinions and debating topics!

What is different about Twitter is that you can supposedly follow celebrities and actually tweet them back – I have no idea if any of them are the real people or just someone using the name – though I do believe that aplusk is Ashton Kutcher – mainly from the publicity… but he sends some very interesting tweets pointing to cool songs, stories, etc…

I have yet to get a reply from anyone on anything that I posted – on Twitter or in this blog – but that is ok… I feel like I am getting my voice out there and I think that over time I will start to formulate these posts even better and maybe they will be interesting 🙂

funny having people follow you that you have never heard of – I wonder if there is some search that says “new people” because I am not sure where all of these people following came from, or why they would want to! I lead a pretty boring life… Wake up, get my son ready for school, come to work, work, go to meetings, work, pick up my son, go home, work out, cook dinner, play with my son, put him to bed, watch some taped tv shows…. sleep, repeat! 🙂

Though I think I would like to change that – One: I would like to finish some of my novels and start editing them (having family read them) and see if they are worthy to try to publish! I also was talking again last night about Medical School and how I regret not going – may need to look back into that… I dropped the plan I had to take the remaining classes I needed and then take the MCAT last year when I was given this opportunity to work at the job I have now… Turns out the opportunity may still be here – but too many things have happened for the timeline to be the same… kind of frustrating! So something to think about…. take classes – fit them into my schedule… go to medical school – obviously have no salary while going to school – and have to assume a lot of debt to do it – only to start out on the ‘bottom’ of the ladder again… Even though I know that is what I should be doing – it is a big undertaking later in life when I have a family and bills, etc!! Going to take some deep contemplation!

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