random start

After becoming addicted to Facebook, and then just now signing up for Twitter and can already see that I am probably in trouble there… Thought that I would also find something else that I could do ‘out in public – but not really’ – so here it is. A blog where I can write down random things…

I have been wanting to do this for a while now. Wanted to write down all the ‘gems’ that I think of that I would like to tell my son one day – just in case I am not around to tell him in person (over and over – HA). I can’t decide what made me finally do this – but recently I have been wanted to get this started more than ever. It could be because my soon to be 4 year old – has been learning logic and that just makes me smile! Also, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a status about talking to her kids about suicide and she wrote and made me realize that all fo the things we have in our queue to discuss with our kids (drinking, drugs, sex, faith, self-esteem, bullying, etc…) suicide was not on my list of things I thought I might need to discuss! But with the increasing number of suicides – it is definitely going on my list (I do realize that I have some time – but still).

My heart really goes out to the parents of teenagers (or younger – or even older) who commit suicide. Maybe it was because I was raised by a mother who continually told me that no matter what happened or what I may have done, we could fix it. There is NOTHING so bad as to lead to suicide. How sad for those who really think that this is the only alternative. I have been in some pretty bad situations and even though a couple were really high on the “OH MY GOD” list… I can honestly say that I never considered suicide. Even though at the time, I wasn’t sure how I would survive, I knew that my family would be there for me – along with my friends.

Anyway – I do believe that may be one of my ‘soap box’ topics! I think when i go back and read over this blog – or have my son read this (obviously once he learns to read) I will find more of my hot button topics – hopefully, I will also see where I have argued both sides of the topic. Most topics I can argue boths sides of – However, I CANNOT argue both sides of suicide, child abuse, animal abuse, rape, etc…

So now to a lighter note! On to the random things! Here is one things that has been eating at me today… I entered college in the Pre-med program. I partied. I changed my major to something easy (for me) – Computer Science – have my masters in that – and that is what I do for a living – however, I still regret that I didn’t go to med school… I am actually only 5 classes away from being able to take the MCAT and apply – BUT dang!! So I regret not going – I think that is what I shouldbe doing – but don’t think I could handle all those classes and starting out on the bottom again! Don’t you just love life sometimes! 🙂


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