daily stuff

So what does it take to survive your day?

I don’t know that many people think about what other people have to endure in their day, because most people get so wrapped up in their own daily grind.

I know that I rarely think of how another person’s day is going unless it is a friend, or family member and/or something has happened to put that person on my radar.

Ask yourself… when you are in a hurry and you stop to get gas, coffee from starbucks, or a drive thru – do you ever take the time to smile and say thank you or how are you doing today?

I didn’t used to – but have been lately.  Admittedly, it does not make me really think of how they get through their day – but it does help me get through mine.

Of course, some of them look at me like I am a total loon, but most of the time, you can tell that a little act of humanism and ‘niceness’ has taken them off guard and you can almost see a change in their stature and mood.  Try it some time!

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