sex and the city

I am sitting here watching Sex in the City – on demand… I really loved\love this show!

These episodes are the 1st season ones!  Hilarious..  I’ve sat here and watched the one about the threesomes, the commitment, the rabbit – oh the rabbit – awesome invention – I must say…  and the one about the wild friend who moved to CT and had gotten pregnant… funny..  Then we moved to the one about abstinence..  hilarious!  What’s with abstinence! – I am not really really a fan of abstinence! for me anyway –!

Now watching the season 1 finale…  this show just really cracks me up! Though – the end – she should have gone on the vacation!  Maybe if she hadn’t pushed so hard for an answer right then, then they wouldn’t have had all the problems they had – yeah yeah yeah – I know – THEN we wouldn’t have had all the seasons – the drama – the finale and then the movie! – I get it…  still…

I had a really good story in my head to write on here – now I need to remember it and make it my next post! 🙂

until then….

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