You know, I’ve read a lot of tweets – Hubby says I am addicted and need an intervention – but I say no – I am just having fun.

I can read these tweets – I don’t always keep up, I answer when I have time and just enjoy when just popping in and out of the office – or on twitterberry…

One of the people I follow is Kathy Ireland, and honestly before following her –I only thought of her as the SI model. I remember somewhere back in my memory that she started doing other things with companies and stopped modeling, but that was the extent of my knowledge!  So in following her – I actually think I may need to buy her book.  She always seems positive – and while I am not a faith based person and she is – I can understand what she is saying and how she is living her life.

Recently, something must be happening to her with some follower(s) who are threatening her or something – because the exchanges with her and Del Williams are intriguing.  I can see Del’s point of view – why engage with someone whose only purpose is to be hurtful, mean or threatening to you and/or your family?  But then what actually amazes me – and anyone who knows me will be amazed that I am impressed – is the fact that not only is she answering these people – she is actually trying to help them!

Have to say that my first instinct would be to ignore them and block them – I mean who needs that in their life?  But then I have read her replies about it – She pushes people to express their ideas, they will either stick to them and not change, or will realize that their anger/hatred is really for something else – not her – and will possibly get help. She’s positive and asks questions and draws out responses – quite amazing actually (I obviously do not know Kathy Ireland – but that is my take on what she tries to do)

So I was just about to go to bed and I thought – what if I did that? What if I resisted my first – and feels like natural – instinct to ignore people, to be reclusive, to not give ‘troublesome’ people the time of day?  Would I feel better?  Would my anxiety level decrease? Would I help someone out? Good questions for me…  I don’t see me jumping right into the bright and sunshine world – but I do see me trying to look at things differently and to see what I can or can’t change about me – starting now.

2 Responses to “change”

  1. kathy ireland Says:

    What a powerful, inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Thank you for “starting now”. You inspired me today and I want everyone to know it. Please stay in touch and continue to share your thoughts. You are a gifted writer with a great heart and I am grateful to you for your strength and kindness.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks for not only taking the time to read my thoughts, but to comment on them and compliment my writing and me. The thought that I actually inspired YOU today made me smile! I usually am a voyeur on your tweets… you make me smile and think. I usually don’t respond, but will more often now. Thanks 🙂

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