new cable box


Ok – so I was going to be more positive starting today – and I think I did ok until this afternoon!!

Just to be clear – I used to have Verizon FIOS – but then I moved to a new neighborhood and they weren’t out here yet – so unless I wanted to get satellite (and yes I do like DirectTV – but didn’t want to buy the equipment)  Verizon promises to be out here @ the end of July… PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN!!

So – our main HD DVR blitzed out – had to reboot the dang thing at least once a day (that is a whole other rant)

The cable guys showed up – can you believe – 2 guys – 2 different trucks just to exchange a box… really?

So as they were walking up – early (do have to give them that) – my electricity went out – well what great timing… so they exchange the 2 boxes – and the electricity comes back on..  so I ask “can you transfer the taped shows from one DVR to the other?”  They  looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head (come on – you can barely see them 😉 )  Then they said “NO, you can’t do that”.  I said, “one hard drive to another – you even have a menu item to copy to vcr”.  I got the blank stare again.  SO I just said “dang – should have copied to disc before you got here” – then I got the eyeroll that meant “Silly girl, you couldn’t do that”

So now – am pissed at myself for not doing that before they came. I had the new Season of Burn Notice on there – just finished watching Season 1 – and Season 2 doesn’t come out until tomorrow – so wasn’t going to watch Season 3 yet! now gonna have to wait for re-runs or watch online.. oh well…  Still…



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