I actually am hoping that by writing a blog – sitting here every night or day – 1-2 times a day, whatever and putting stuff down, that I will be able to get myself focused back on writing my books…  I would really like to get one finished… but I need to get the focus back and the juices of creativity flowing!

I have a whole file folder of ideas, characters and stories.  They have been sitting there for years now.  So now I just need to figure out how to focus.

Pick a book and get it done.

Do you schedule a certain time of day to sit down and just write?  I had heard that works. Considering that calling me a scheduled person would be beyond stretching the definition of that word.. and would be an understatement – but you never know – that may be what it takes – doesn’t have to be the same exact time every day – but at least an hour or two of un-interrupted writing time?  hmmmm… could work – going to have to try something!  (sorry for the stream of consciousness flow there!)

I do wish that I could think in Sci-fi!  I LOVE to read it – am fascinated by the things that people come up with – but I just don’t ‘think’ that way – I think more in characters and mystery and espionage, drama type things!!

I surely know that I couldn’t write romance – even though I am a BIG fan of reading them!  I have to say that the dialog and wordplay that Nora Roberts (JD Robb) puts into her ‘in death’ books just makes me smile all the time!  Love those books!  I like to read books like that – easy and fun reads!

I have to be focused and have my brain on full alert to be able to read Dean Koontz! I remember starting the book with the red door (sorry  -I am horrible with titles)  I think he mentioned the door on the first page, I remember closing the book and asking my mom – ok, what’s up with the red door – she just laughed… I read the book – and of course the red door was significant (of course).  I remember writing one of my English papers in college – compare and contrast of Dean Kootz and Stephen King…  love them both –

I always keep up with certain series…  Jonathan Kellerman, JD Robb, Catherine Coulter FBI Series, Cornwell’s Scarpetta series, John Sandford (still waiting on another Kidd novel :))

The romance novels that are pure drivel however are only good to read when you have to completely shut down your brain!  I could never think of writing a novel where the ‘heroine’ has an orgasm when losing her virginity.. COME ON!  (I really don’t want to hear it if anyone reading this had that happen!)  🙂  but other than that – I do like the romance – the love/hate thing… the passion LOVE IT!

So be prepared, one day I might actually finish a book! 🙂


3 Responses to “book”

  1. Hugh C. Howey Says:

    I get up every morning and plant myself in front of my computer and force myself to write. A quick blog post, a few tweets, an email response, and then I start working on the current book. I try to go at it for 6 hours straight, and sometimes put in two of these sessions a day. It’s the only way I can keep my “voice” consistent.

    For me, writing a book is like tugging a train. Breaking the thing into motion, requires strenuous effort and time, but once she’s going… the momentum will cover some miles in a hurry. Don’t stop because you wrote 5 good pages… keep going until the plot breaks or your eyes hurt.

    The other key for me is to write without worrying about every sentence being perfect. Get the plot down. Use repetitive words if you have to. Stick with “he said” and “she said.” Once you finish the story, you’ll be so excited that the editing process will take care of the rest.

    • randomshelly Says:

      I think my problem may be that I try to make it perfect at the first pass instead of letting the story go – and worry about grammar, tenses, spelling and that BS later!

      Same reason that I can’t draw – took an art class once – because I see cool stuff in my head – just doesn’t make it to the paper like that! The teacher told me I need to just let go – it does NOT need to be symmetrical! Think the same would apply to my writing…

      I have weird stories go through my head – I need to write those down more too – Also need to pick one story and focus! Even though I don’t really have that much time to focus writing – I think that if I really want to finish one – I will need to find a time to block and focus! – I am just now pulling my head out and beginning to focus on things and be creative again – so hopefully doing the blog and deciding on a story will make it happen! Here’s hoping! 🙂

      • Hugh C. Howey Says:

        The blog should certainly help. What did it for me was reviewing books full-time. I was reading and reviewing almost a book a day, and the combination of absorbing so many words and having to compose my own really lit a fire under me.

        When I sat down to write my first novel (for the 15th attempt in 20 years) I took those 16-hour days and focused them on my own book. I had a 75K rough draft in seven days! I had a 90K version that was pleasant enough to read in another seven days. Two more weeks of full-time editing with the help of a pro copyeditor, and I had a manuscript.

        I don’t think this would work for most people, but it got me over the hump. Here’s something else I found out: you can’t wait to be inspired before you act. You have to just start acting in an uninspired manner until you get your flow.

        Another helpful tip: write your rough draft as if you are writing it for a younger audience. This will allow you to ignore the dumbed-down draft and create a more conversational flow.

        Good luck! Keep us posted.

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