Had a good day at the beach today.  My son REALLY loves going there.. he runs in and out of the water constantly!  Then he will want to build a sand castle, so you start building it, get about 5 structures done – and then – just like clockwork – He will raze the whole thing!

He thinks this is extremely funny! 🙂  Which it is!  Then, he runs in the water and back out and wants to do a sand castle again…  You get the picture.  We also take ‘noodles’ to the beach – they are fun to hold on to while you bob around in the waves!

So as we were driving back home today, Hubby and I were discussing whether going to beach was really worth it – do the pros outweigh the cons?  “Back in the day” – going to beach meant taking a towel, a Walkman and a book…  Now I take a chair, an umbrella, a cooler with juice boxes and snacks, sandcastle making stuff, ‘noodles’, maybe a raft…  you have to pack all that up – hail it out to the spot, set it up, then break it down, load it up and haul it back to the car (obviously I don’t live on the beach)  🙂

In the end, hubby and I decided that it was worth it – although not everyday!  The reason it is worth it?  Because our son loves it so much and has such a good time!  Nothing beats seeing a happy 3 year old! 🙂  And maybe I will be a better Mommy and remember to bring the video and/or at least the camera and get good pics of the perfect child having fun! 🙂  My mother and mother-in-law would probably appreciate that too…


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