What ‘topics’ do you think cannot be argued?  There really are not that many… so much information out there – and everyone with their own and differing opinions — this is what I think makes us great as humans!

So the only topics I can think of that have no argument ‘FOR” are child abuse/animal abuse.. I used to think suicide – but then I rethought that one (actually, I abhor suicide – I think it is the most cowardly/selfish thing you can do – and I am not talking about ‘assisted suicide’ being terminal and in excruciating pain… that is different than thinking there is no other option and that ending a perfectly healthy life that always has the chance to get better)  But for my ‘advocacy of suicide’ read correction just take with a grain of salt! 🙂

So if you read this and want to debate – give me a topic!  I am firmly gripped in my own beliefs and ideas – but I also have the ability to argue the other side just to see how firm, valid and real people’s beliefs are – it is usually easy to figure out who really believes what they are saying  or who is just repeating some bullshit they heard somewhere and they really don’t know what they are talking about.  Whether they are just uninformed or if they just choose to be ignorant!

I will admit – I am definitely not an expert on every subject – and there are some things that I would have to research before I could firm up a differing opinion – but I love to be educated and learn new things and sometimes arguing with someone (constructively…) will help me learn!

Great quote: “A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and won’t change the subject” – Sir Winston Churchill (also on my quotes page!)

so topics anyone?? 🙂  XOXOXO

Addendum…  Need to add this:  How about someone give me a vehement opinion and I will argue against it – Seems that the 2 topics people have asked me to debate – I have a hard time coming up with a fanatical opinion…  I should rephrase this whole posed question and say give me a diatribe and I will debate you on your opinions to firm up your beliefs – and thereby will firm up my own…  I guess the way I debate is to ask questions about something that someone says and whether I agree with them or not – will ask questions or make comments that require thought to answer… does that make sense?


8 Responses to “Question”

  1. Hugh C. Howey Says:

    No takers?

    How about the existence of one particular deity over all the others. Isn’t this an untenable position, yet firmly held by almost all? I’d love to see someone argue why one god deserves fealty while the rest are ignored.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Huh… That is really a good thing to debate. Which side should I take?

      Start off with my actual position which is that I am not religious. I believe there is a higher power – maybe – but not sure what it is. Believe that if there really is a ‘God’ – and he is all forgiving and all – then does it matter where I pray or what I do as long as I ask forgiveness?

      For some reason – I do believe in Guardian Angels and I believe that my grandfather is mine… Have reasons behind that….

      So to argue against 1 deity – I would have to do research because I am not well versed in different religions and what their reasoning is for believe in ‘their God, Allah, higher power, prophet, etc’ is….

      But I would surely love to see a debate on this – from non zealots! 🙂

  2. Hugh C. Howey Says:

    This topic has never been debated by non-zealots. If you’re able to work that out somehow, your blog will be bigger than Yahoo (but not quite as big as Google).

    • randomshelly Says:

      Well, I guess you’re right – to be able to defend your reasoning about your religion and not falter, you would have to be a zealot! And – I am not a history scholar either (seriously!!) but I think if we haven’t been able to figure out how to live with and respect others religions by now… I have NO CHANCE to do that on my own!!

      On one hand, I see how people need to believe in something – and to believe in it, you have to have faith. Hard to faith with no ‘proof’ – and I am not talking about a ‘book’ written by a man… On the other hand, there are so many unexplained things going on – ‘miracles’ if you will – that help the faith be strong…

      What side of this did you want me to debate?? 🙂

  3. Hugh C. Howey Says:

    I want you to convince me that there’s a god and that I should pledge my support to his/her cause. 😉

    • randomshelly Says:

      Ok – I had to add an addendum to my original post! I do so much better when someone has a diatribe and I ask questions in opposition… Because in trying to come up with an argument to convince you of a god – and then ummmm a reason you should pledge your support – well – that was hard! because I kept asking question after question to myself about the thoughts… does that make sense? Like this

      There has to be a higher power – How else would we be here. We are here because molecules came together and formed a life form and evolution and survival of the fittest brought us to the point we are now. Where did the original molecules come from. Well the higher power had to create them. Where did the higher power come from (at a loss there).

      or There are miracles that happen every day, people who get gut feelings, people who survive an accident that surely shouldn’t have. Well, can’t we contribute the gut feelings to the ways people’s brains work? There is all kinds of knowledge in there – things you don’t even know that you know, and having a ‘sixth sense’ about something does not mean it is a higher power. As for survival, it has been shown time and time again that the human body can withstand an immense amount of abuse and survive… as for the accident – the way the car rolled, or the person fell, could have a lot to do with it…

      as for ‘their’ cause??? Umm… I have nothing. I could probably argue against blanket statements made on this realm, but I can’t come up with a ’cause’ – Supposedly ‘God’ wants peace and serenity and mankind to live together – but gave us free will and we just can’t seem to play well together… I guess…. 🙂

      Guess I could say – Well of course there is a god and he/she is all knowing and all seeing and if you don’t support him/her then you will go to hell – where the devil (now how do you prove that he/she exists) will torture you for all eternity… Ummmm… ok…. if god is all seeing/knowing – then why in the hell did the holocaust happen, The Inquisition, The Salem witch trials (All in the name of religion)… why are children abused? why are people murdered? That free will thing again?

      Maybe if I were actually religious and had a lot of faith – this one would be easier for me – but I am not and I don’t – I believe there is a possibility of a higher power – just don’t have the proof.

      you have a good diatribe for me to question?

  4. Hugh C. Howey Says:

    I’m a better skeptic than I am a hypothesizer. You go first. Give me something to doubt or examine for holes. 🙂

    • randomshelly Says:

      I think this is helping me find out the same exact thing! I am much better at questioning others and poking at their thoughts! Though let me think on it… 🙂

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