which book?

ok – so for those that know me – skip this paragraph – for those that don’t… I believe that any person can become whatever they want to be – I don’t think about gender.  I do realize that in most cases, men are stronger than women – but other than that – not so much!  Let’s just ignore all the emotional BS talk and just realize that even if SOME women express emotions more, let’s say, freely, than others – doesn’t not mean much – because there are plenty of women who don’t want to ‘talk about it’ all time or know what men are thinking, or blah blah blah… you get it.

So I am trying to figure out which one of my stories to finish writing…  main theme in all 4 books that I am choosing between? They all have very strong females in the lead roles… so here are the choices – obviously in blurb format…

1.  Female assassin (too much thoughts to blurb)

2.  Computer programmer on vacation recovering from trauma, gets surprise visitor – injured man brought home by dog… 🙂

3.  Young woman on beach saves little boy -later gets help in difficult situation – turns out boy’s father was mob boss…

4.  Young woman gets caught up in drug smuggling and arrested in South American country…

I know this is not a lot of info (obviously) – some of these are more developed than others…  any comments? suggestions?  if you read this – please vote!  I am going to finish all of these actually – just need to pick the first one!

Thanks! 🙂

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3 Responses to “which book?”

  1. kezzi21 Says:

    My choice would be either #1 or #3. You just cant beat a good thriller.!! Good luck and I want an autographed copy when it is finished.!!

  2. Nathan Sarlow Says:

    #1. I think even guys could get into a character like that. Maybe one that uses her femininity to her advantage – more in a stealth way.

    The one of the 4 would led itself to a trilogy (or series) where the other ones seem to be more of a storyline.

  3. I need to write « RandomShelly's Blog Says:

    […] ideas that I had – a few people voted on which one they liked better… (original post here) .  That was over 6 months ago – and while I did dig out all of my old story ideas, note […]

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