Someone please tell me – How do you focus, channel and implement your motivation?

In my head, I have all the motivation in the world.  I want to get up , work out, start my day clear headed and early, do some good work – get ahead, come home, work out, cook dinner and spend quality time with my son – and then relax when he goes to bed, read, write, whatever…

However – my day just doesn’t seem to be that productive!  All the things that I want to do to get healthy seems to fall by the wayside!  I eat food that tastes good – and is so not good for you, takes me forever to get my head going in the right direction in the morning – so no working out in the morning…  I can get up at 7 – but not even begin to feel productive until 10 –

But enough whining.  today is Sunday – Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week – I plan to get up in the morning – walk on the treadmill and then start my day the way I want it to go – get the ideas that are always in my head, and implement them.  That includes at work – there are so many things and projects that can be started!

Here’s hoping that I can actually pull it out and do it – I know I will slip – but I have got to try!!


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