good intentions!

OHHH I have SUCH good intentions!

Today – was not as good as it should have been!  My workout partner had to cancel on me today – and did I work out by myself?? HELL NO – I DID NOT!!  Come on!!  I can do better than this!

Now it is 1 am – and I need to go to sleep – The prodigal perfect 3 year old – is going to be waking me up a few hours from now!!  So since it is already tomorrow – and I have just eaten another packet of Fruit Snacks – I think it is time to take a deep breath and prepare for today to be better than yesterday!

Hubby also has to realized that pizza night just doesn’t help!  And then telling me that I should not be eating that ice cream – well, come on – that doesn’t help! 🙂

Why oh why – do all of the things that are good for you have to taste so bad and all the awesome tasting stuff have to be so bad for you?? WHY??

Motivation is a bitch!

2 Responses to “good intentions!”

  1. Mary Says:

    I know how you feel! I am (publicly so I don’t slack) trying to lose baby weight and the pizza for me tonight didn’t help either! Luckily there was no ice cream in the house or I probaby would have had that also…

    • randomshelly Says:

      I guess that means I am doing it publicly also – Only thing is – my son is 3 about to be 4 in August! LOL I had good excuses for the first 7 months – but after that – it had been pure lazy! 😦 Been doing ok lately though – just need to work on not giving into those temptations – Going to have a cheat day instead of a cheat month! 🙂 LOL

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