How the weight came

Let me start off by saying that when I was pregnant – I gained 120 #s – yeah!  I will get back to that later…  Let me explain.  For those that already know me – you can skip this post all together! 🙂  No since in re-hashing this stuff!

About 3.5/4 months into the pregnancy, I got this extreme pain down my leg like I pulled a muscle in my groin…  The pain got worse and worse and then I learned that my pelvis had come apart and twisted.  I tried chiropractic manipulations, water therapy, everything – to no avail.  I didn’t take any pain meds since I was pregnant, even though my doctor said I could – though turns out I was allergic to opiates and opiate derivatives anyway!

So I sat\slept and worked on the couch, because I was on bed rest and I couldn’t lay flat – had to sit up.  I would be crying every single time I get up – so I saved all of my showers, bathroom breaks, and stuff up to make as few trips as I could.  I kept everything I needed beside me on a cart, water pitchers, candy, cake, my favorite York Peppermint Patties, ec… you get the picture!  chocolate ‘replaced’ pain medication…  Did the chocolate help the pain?  Ummmm.. Hell NO.  But it did keep my mind focused on other stuff.  I would eat while becoming addicted to the Discovery Health channel, I would eat when I was bored, i would make myself sick and then get angry at myself for eating too much junk…  Thus, my mind would wonder onto other things besides the pain.

So the weight came and came and came – My wonderful clueless husband did say after I had our son that he was afraid I was going to burst!  Nice huh??  I think he thought he was joking – sad thing though is that it was true – I was close to bursting!  But I am digressing here…

So I had my son, and 7 more months of intense pain.  After 7 months, I started to feel a little better, however – almost 4 years later now, and I still have issues!  In some of my physical therapy sessions, my therapist would measure my pelvis and its position (it changed all the time) – and sometimes she would just say, “There is no other way to describe your pelvis except ‘messed up”

So now that I can manipulate my pelvis into lesser pain, do exercises that help, etc. my only problem is my diet!  Now that I have found a good workout partner, diet is the huge obstacle that I need to overcome…

So the general outline of my plan is…

1. Eat whatever I want when I want – BUT –  only eat when hungry and only until that first full feeling hits (you know what I mean?) Got that from the “I can make you thin” book…

2. have a cheat day (not month like I do now) where there is no guilt for the ice cream!

3. Rev up my working out!! I am lucky that I found someone to workout with – because I CANNOT do it by myself!!!

4. I have also been determined that to read a book – I need to do it while walking on the treadmill – so haven’t really read much lately! 🙂

Hope it works out for me! 🙂  I have 20 #s to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and 20 more after that to get where I would like to be! 🙂


9 Responses to “How the weight came”

  1. True Mommy Says:

    I sounds like you have lost so much already! Way to go! You can do it and just like me, it will take encouragement! Just remember whenever you reach for ice cream or just want to settle on pizza for dinner, you will regret it! I plan to keep reading to keep my diet plan up too!

    • randomshelly Says:

      I actually have another blog going with some friends across the country – kind of to help motivate each other – we all really suck at it right now – but if you’d like to join, maybe we could get a good roll going with motivation, advice, etc!! I am still not posting my weight like you did – but I will post it when I get to the maintenance level!!! Unless I start really feeling good and go ahead and post! 🙂

      Let me know if you want to jump in on the other blog – I mean – i know we don’t already have a lot going on!! 🙂

  2. foogirl Says:


    That’s awful! Do they have any idea what caused your pelvis to go all wacky? I can’t imagine just living with such a severe pain like that without being able to take anything!

    God, exercise is a bitch. I miss when I lived 5 mins from my little sister, b/c she’d come over everyday and make me exercise lol!

    Eating right is hell. I’m supposed to stick to a pretty strict diet, but it’s so effing hard not to just eat all the awesome yummy stuff that I want to eat.
    Your plan sounds good – just remember to not beat yourself up over anything and take it one day at a time. And cheat days are important! 🙂

    • randomshelly Says:

      They have NO idea what caused the pelvis thing! Maybe a mix of when i was thrown off a horse, landed on my hip a while before and then just dumb luck! This is actually more common than you would think!

      You’re right – exercise is a bitch and am just hitting that stage where you feel good when you do it (takes me a while to get there) The diet thing – I have no idea WTF I am going to have to do to finally get that going right! 🙂

      Cheat days are awesome! Just need to limit them to ONCE a week !:)

      also – LOVE your email name!! LOL

      • foogirl Says:

        Wow! I never realized that it was so common. I’m glad the pain is getting better for you.

        I like to do my Wii fit, but even that takes some heavy duty resolve on my part. lol!
        I used to do cheat weekends – lol! I’d get to eat whatever I wanted on Sat and Sun. It worked pretty well, for awhile at least!

        Haha – thanks, I was pissed off when I made my email LOL.

        • randomshelly Says:

          Yeah – me too – I did a lot of research on the internet about it… and actually another patient of my doctor had it – she chose to take the pain meds though… it is getting better – but when it acts up – OMG!!! also, through the whole ordeal, I found out that I have a fractured vertebrae – GEE! 🙂 not much to do for that (If I don’t want surgery – which I don’t) except firm up the CORE!!

          Cheat weekends! awesome – I say cheat day – but hubby is trying to get me down to a cheat meal 🙂 He was told his cholesterol is high Thursday – so now he is wanting to eat healthier! LOL – but I need that!

          I guess so on your email – too funny!! I have some passwords that include the word ‘whatever’ and one that is ‘f you’ 🙂

          • foogirl Says:

            Holy shit – a fractured vertabrae!? On top of everything else? I’m a baby so I’d be whining all day everyday about how I couldn’t do things. lol!

            My hubby has to watch his cholesterol too… well he’s supposed to, but it’s so hard getting him to eat right! And that makes it harder for me to eat right lol!

  3. Allison Pang Says:

    Hey there – I also suffer from stuff like this – I cracked a disk last year, so my spine is all messed up (as well as suffering from other chronic pain issues) – and I gained a lot of weight with both pregnancies, so I know what you mean. (Of course, I ended up becoming diabetic for number 2, so my diet was pretty strict for that one).

    Anyway – I ended up going on Weight Watchers, and I lost the 30 or so I needed to lose…without exercise. For some reason, the point thing really worked for me. I mean – yes, some of those frozen lunch things kind of sucked, but between those and the Special K protein bars (3 points!), I actually managed it. (And it came off pretty slow – about a pound or two a week, with a few weeks of nothing).

    I’m pretty much at maintenance mode and just watch what I eat. If I start creeping up the scale, I just go back on the plan for a week or so and it rolls back off.

    Oh – and if I go out to eat, I order whatever I want, but I only eat half and box the rest. Find it less of a temptation to stuff my face that way. LOL.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Hey –

      Sorry to hear that – but sounds like you powered through it and found something that works for you! That is great! I did WW at my old job which helped me lose a lot of what I have – the point system is a good way – Maybe I need to jump back into that since I am exercising now and then I can hit it from 2 angles! I’ll have to see if I can find all my old stuff – maybe join online… I will also look at those Special K bars! A big part of my problem is that I just don’t eat all day and then snack all night (yes, I know that is so bad on many levels!) 🙂

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