woo hoo

Let me just tell you how much I love Billy Blanks right now – I have only done the ‘Ultimate Tae Bo’ twice – but I already feel some results!  It is 60 minutes of pure cardio, abs, legs, ummmm.. ALL OVER BODY!  I wear a workout monitor and I am in the zone 46 minutes of the 60 minutes and burn well over 600 calories – it will be even more when I am able to REALLY keep up! 🙂  And let me tell you that I am SOAKED after the workout!  I have yet to do the ‘extra’ 30 minutes – which would make it an hour and a half workout – but I will do that next week!

And I love the motivation he gives.  He overcame a lot and has really made a good life for himself and his family.  He inspires and loves it!  Still teaches classes every day  – tae bo AND martial arts.  I also visited his website… lots of stuff! I need to get the fight stick for the advanced Tae bo – when and if I ever get there!!

I am also getting used to using this big ole ball as a chair at my desk – and since Billy really worked my abs – I can sure feel that it does do something! Love it!  🙂

I need to go and sign up for Martial arts classes – I have always wanted to learn it – and I think my son will be very good at it too! – Just need to find the time!

Hope everyone else is doing what they need to do to get healthy!  I am trying very hard – and now that hubby has found out that he has high cholesterol too – he wants us to start eating better..  I want a cheat day – but he wants to limit it to a cheat meal – AH MAN!!! 🙂  We’ll see….

One Response to “woo hoo”

  1. kvonatzigen Says:


    Keep up the hard work! Tae Bo is an excellent cardio workout, and it’s fun too! Stay consistent and you’ll see the results you want before you know it. Good luck with the 90 minutes, that’s hardcore, haha!


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