I can’t believe that my son is going to be 4 in August…  WOW!!  Next thing you know he’ll be dating!  DANG!!  It is like how I felt today…

At about 7:30 tonight I looked at the clock and said “Where did the day go – I feel like I just woke up”.  THAT is how I feel about how fast he is growing up!

Been watching videos we have taken over the years because I want to make some compilations as gifts and to show at his birthday party and it is just amazing…  when he was born, when he couldn’t walk, when he started walking, talking, and now he can dive down to the bottom of the pool by himself and swim around – amazing!

He spouts out logic all the time, with his hand on his hip or up in the air to emphasize the point (too cute).  He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  Can I just say that I am SOOO glad that he is a good eater!  He loves sushi night as much as I do!

Anything else I can brag about?  YES!  At this moment – I LOVE that he has so much empathy!  If I hit my hand or anything hurts and you say “Oww” – He says, “Are you ok mommy?  do you need a band aid?”  Then he will kiss me!  I could just eat him up! 🙂  His height is off the charts for his age – so I have to assume he will be tall – but he will still get in my lap when he is tired and let me rock him! 🙂

Ok – well I could go on and on – and assume I will every time something comes to me!


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