Sitting here at 1 am, thinking about many things.  Life is extreme.  It takes you up high, brings you back to reality and hopefully only rarely brings you down low.  Have to say that I love my life.

Sweetie in the pool

Sweetie in the pool

Sometimes, I feel like I run around all day and night and have no time to myself or even enough time to spend with my son and husband.  Today, my mother took my son to stay with her for the day and tonight.  I had practically all day to do whatever I wanted. WOO HOO.  So about noon – I REALLY started missing my son and now I can’t go up and tuck him in (again) and watch him sleep… 😦 But I know that he is having a good time and I will see him in the morning – well later this morning! 🙂

Amazing that he will be 4 in 3 days – (it actually IS Sunday right now!) Wow 4!  Maybe it is because he actually understands that it’s his birthday and what it means this year, but it is really exciting.  We made a calendar of his big events this month:  His birthday, his birthday party, and his first day at his new school!  We have been putting stickers on the days so he can countdown to the big ones!  He is so excited!  I love that!

I can honestly say that until you have kids of your own, you never understand that all encompassing unconditional love reserved for parents.  I had heard about it, but until I had my son, I never truly understood it – but I definitely do know now!

Just saying.


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