Getting ready for week 2

We had a pretty good weekend.  My husband and I spent a lot of time making sure that we were consistent with our son.  We implemented the new ‘Star’ system… I made magnets with stars on them and we put them on the refrigerator.  My son gets 2 rows of stars, my husband and I both get one row of Stars….  My son picked the Red and the Yellow Stars… I am the White Stars and Daddy has the Blue Stars.

Every time one of us does something wrong, we move 1 Star over to the ‘bad’ side.  If my son loses the first 5 Stars, he loses the DS System for the night.  If he loses the second set of Stars, he loses his TV and cars for the night…

Me?  I lose my phone and Daddy loses the remote (son chose).  However, the great part is – you can EARN back your stars by doing something good…  Like picking up clothes, going swimming in the pool, giving hugs, calming down and having a conversation about whatever it is,  telling someone that you love them (and mean it), etc… you get the drift…

So far my son has not lost the DS, but has come close!  Both hubby and I have had 2 Stars moved over… hmmmm…  they were deserved!

I think I have calmed down from my last post.  My mom has actually helped me figure out a bunch of things in his behavior and I have noticed what some of these patterns are.  Do we really need to go see the doctor this week?  I have no idea – but it can’t hurt to talk to her and see what she has to say – but I swear if I hear the words my child id the worst – I will blow my top!  I can’t imagine I would hear that though!  He is not the worst child, not even close – he is a very, very good child who is just frustrated because he isn’t getting enough information!

An example, tonight, I was putting him to bed and he had calmed down and I tried to explain to him that he needed to go to sleep in HIS bed… He interrupted me with “Please mom, it is my turn to talk.” to which I said ok. Then he said “If I lose my room I have to sleep in the guest room for this night and tomorrow and then I get my room back right?” (this came about because the guest room isn’t  fun… no toys, no fish tank, etc…  Nothing to get in trouble with and we don’t have to trek up and down the stairs when he gets up/… However, it turns out that he likes the adventure of sleep in the guest room… now what to do!) (will ask doc!) So then I asked him wouldn’t he rather find out how he can stay in his room and be able to get some stars moved back over to the good side.. He said yes – and I told him that he had to apologize (for saying something mean to me) and get in bed and go to sleep… so he did.  One battle over!  I think we did pretty well.

I am still kind of nervous about going to the doctor…  I have never had therapy and don’t know much about it – but I guess I won’t know until we ALL go to the session.  Very interesting!  I am still devastated that he was called the worst in his class – but I was VERY happy on Friday when I went to pick him up and his color for the day was GREEN!!! WOO HOO…  honestly this leads me to believe that the teacher will be objective and actually give him a chance…  We shall see…


2 Responses to “Getting ready for week 2”

  1. Maryellen Says:

    All I can say is he’s one lucky boy to have you for a mom. You’re doing GREAT!!! Sounds like you’re on the right track and things will be fine.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks! I hope so!! I have been really freaked out and hoping that we are doing the right thing!! will know more soon!! 🙂 Thanks for the support! I WILL email you 😉

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