Feeling better

OK – so all of my anxiety, worry and devastation may have been unnecessary.  We took him to the Psychologist today.  Now I do realize it was the first visit, but I am very relieved and hopeful from the things she said.  These are the main points she made:

  1. We need to work on his sleep. ( going to sleep without a fight, calming him down an hour before bed – this may help with the night terrors too)
  2. He is a few levels ahead in intelligence – she thinks – obviously tests would need to be run to be sure, but from her observations…
  3. He has high energy (OH YEAH!!)
  4. He is very inquisitive.
  5. The ‘stress’ of changing teachers 3 times in last months at daycare along with new school last week is a definite cause of behavior issues.
  6. The fact that he is generally younger than his classmates makes a big difference in development, and in following the ‘rules’…
  7. He is a very happy child.
  8. She does not think he will need to come in very many times.

So I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know that I didn’t break him!  We just need to put in the effort, get him some consistency and let him be who he is!  YEAH!! 🙂

Forgot to add that she said the teacher’s negativity (saying my son was the worst in the class) needs to be worked on, and when the Dr. talked to my son, he told her that the teacher was grumpy and yelled all the time.  hmmmmm…


4 Responses to “Feeling better”

  1. Lark N Says:

    Excellent affirmations of what you knew in your heart. :-)So glad it gave a little peace to you. Sounds like you have picked a great doctor so far. I’m very happy that things are looking up.

    Blessed be, sweetie.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and encouragement… am so glad we went! I think that he will not need to go see her very much (like she said) but have decided that this will not hurt him at all – only help!

  2. Sarah Wright Says:

    Connor is brilliant. I know he is a wonderful child. Don’t you worry about him. Consistency is important and I know you and Chris both are doing a great job!! Keep up the hard work!! Love, Sarah

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks so much sweetie! I think he is a wonderful child too – trying so hard not to call this teacher out – you know!! 🙂

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