Ok – I now have a new wrinkle in the drama called VPK – my 4 year old’s ‘school’.  Seems as of yesterday morning, he has 2 new teachers…  One moved up to the ‘too full’ kindergarten class to help out, and the other one (the one that said he was the worst student in her class) – ‘Unfortunately has had to resign’ – I have to say that I am not sorry to see her go!  I asked him yesterday how he liked the new teacher and he said she was nice and she didn’t yell and she was not grumpy – PROGRESS!! 🙂

For the last week, his new sleep routine has been perfect.  He has adjusted well to the schedule, and now gets up in the morning by himself, on time and gets ready – things are going so well!

Just in case you haven’t read this in any of my other posts, I have an awesome kid.  I just also happened to have a kid that doesn’t like to go to sleep – not sure why yet, but I think with all of us working towards making bedtime fun, relaxing and peaceful – his rebelling against going to sleep should fall away….  so far so good – here’s hoping that continues!  Continuity is the key! 🙂

2 Responses to “Progress…”

  1. mimi Says:

    maybe it was the crabby teacher…duh.

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