So, for three weeks now, we have been implementing this new bedtime routine for our son.  I actually cannot describe how well it has been working!

We have been turning off all stimulation at 7:00 (TV, computer, DS System, Wii, etc…)  – bath time and into pajamas.  Reading time comes next.  I cannot tell you how fun reading time has been.  He is SO inquisitive…  Asks what everything is on the page… soo cute.

At 8:00, lights go out and usually by 8:30 he is asleep – most of the time he has fallen asleep by 8:10 or 8:15. My husband and I have been taking turns on who will stay upstairs with him until he falls asleep…

This is an amazing accomplishment.  Only a month ago, we were struggling with bedtime.  sometimes until 11 pm! So there really are not words to describe how great this is!

So as an example of how my son makes me laugh – here is what happened tonight.  He decided he wanted to sleep on the top bunk again, so I just stood down by the bed.  He drifts off to sleep and then jerked awake again.  so I walked over to him where he said to me “Momma, I am very tired.  Can you please go downstairs now so I can go to sleep.”  I just said, “Of course I can.  Good night.”  Then he said “Good night Momma”

How cute is he…. really!?! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Bedtime”

  1. Carey Says:

    LOL That’s awesome!

    • randomshelly Says:

      isn’t it??? Not only is he going to bed easily again… he sure does have his independence and sense of humor going strong! 🙂

  2. Melanie (larkn0298) Says:

    That is utterly adorable. I am glad everything has been going so well.

    Your son sounds like such a beautiful spirit. It is fun to see how witty and smart he is. Always lovely to see love shared between parents and their children. You both seem utterly blessed.

    Thanks for sharing this moment of sweetness.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks! He REALLY IS a beautiful spirit! He does something that amazes me every single day! 🙂

  3. mimi Says:

    yay! that has to be easier for him too…and hopefully he sleeps better and stays in his own bed all night.
    Good going! Blessings on all of you!
    love, mimi

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