Holy Cow

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I do believe this is the first time I have had Thanksgiving at my house!  Lots of family will be here tomorrow (well this afternoon actually for the ones staying with me!)  I can’t wait! 🙂

Good news on the kid front…  He is doing exceptionally well.  The school has moved to its new location and they are splitting his class in half – so he will not be in a huge class anymore!  I think that will really help!

With that many kids in one class, I think it is very hard to allow any child to whine or act up for more than a second! The Doctor says she doesn’t really need to see him.  The hitting has almost stopped.  Bedtime is just awesome.  The name calling is still being worked on, but overall – the prodigy child is acting like the boy I knew was there! LOL

On the workout front, well, losing my workout partner just took all of my motivation and threw it out the door…  Need to figure out how to make working out a part of my every day routine!  I keep trying to tell myself a quote I heard from my friend Andy Core, “When is the best time to workout? – Whenever you will do it” – Good quote!


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