Had such a great time with family here and I am now enjoying sitting around doing practically nothing!

Yesterday I organized my office a little better and then made some jewelry…  went to bed about 4 am this morning…  so being woken up at 8:30 was GREAT!! LOL

Now I am siting here relaxing and watching Farscape Season 1.  I really like this show.  I watched it a few times on and off over the seasons – but never got the schedule right, so watching them in order now is GREAT!  I am not sure which of the shows from which seasons I have seen, but now I can put all the stories together.  They did a good job so far in the first season in delving into the characters past – giving us a lot of information without giving all of it – more mysteries to be revealed! 🙂  I knew I liked this show by what I had already seen and now I know why!

I can’t wait until they show Flashpoint in here in the U.S. – why they are just showing it in Canada first – I just don’t get it – but then again TV execs have had me flabbergasted lately.  I hear Flash Forward is good – but I decided not to watch it because I figured it would get canceled.  But it hasn’t yet… and of course I started to watch Trauma – only to have it canceled…  after canceling Southland, I thought NBC would get a little wiser… Trauma was good, I liked it, so of course they canceled it!  At least Southland got to jump over to TNT!  Woo Hoo – there was some good news! 🙂  Ok – I will get off my soap box about that…  well…. at least for the moment…

Back to relaxation! 🙂  (and Farscape!)


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