Internal Editor

I am really trying to figure a few things out.  Not the deep ‘what is the meaning of life’ stuff, but the ‘little things I notice every day reading web pieces’ stuff…

First of all, I wonder where all the good editors have gone, and then I realize that maybe for online stuff – nobody edits the content before it is published.  Maybe it is the neck-breaking pace of people trying to be the first to get information out – or even that they don’t take the time to re-read their posts before publishing them that causes all of the mistakes.

To top all that off – I have no idea why it bothers me so much.  I have read so many ‘articles’ and ‘interviews’ on people’s websites and blogs, etc – and there have been many mistakes…  it is actually an exception now to read an article without a mistake… even on the sites that should know better than that!!  I can *almost* overlook a missed word, still cringe though at bad grammar… but spelling mistakes?  Really?  COME ON!!!  I’m not even talking about the ones that the spell checker won’t catch (though those still cause cringing) – I’m talking about ones that ANY spell checker would have highlighted or caught if a spell checker was run…

So the question becomes, do you point out these mistakes to the person writing the article?  I hate to put it in comments – who knows if those really get read by the author… I think telling people they made mistakes is the right thing to do – then they can go fix them and not look so inept (yes that is a strong word for in a hurry and too lazy to read through their post) to the next person reading their writing?  Anyone agree?  I have actually posted a few things on here that when I go back and look at them, I find a mistake… I roll my eyes at myself and then fixed it and republish.  Feel free if you find any errors or stupid mistakes on my part – to comment and blast me and let me know! 🙂

Lastly, it seems to me that this internal editor I have – that I cannot turn off (believe me I have tried) might be the cause of my inability to get any real writing done.  I have good stories (I think) in my head that I would love to write.  I need to figure out how to just vomit the words out, not care about form, content, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, etc…  THEN go back and EDIT…  why is that so hard?  OCD?  is there a cure for that? 🙂

2 Responses to “Internal Editor”

  1. mattsmom32 Says:

    Hi Shelly. 🙂

    If I know the author, I point out the mistake, especially if it’s a glaring one; otherwise it depends on my mood and TOM.

    But, I know what you mean. The internet really has caused a dumbing down of spelling, grammar, etc. It drives me crazy too. Even online newspapers aren’t exempt and they SHOULD know better, but the thing is, even regular print things are starting to be lackadaisical about it. I’ve found errors in Red Cross pamphlets (spellchecker should have caught), magazines (missing words) and I had to stop reading a book once that was so bad. Granted, I think that was a self-published book, but I’ve even found errors in mass-produced books.

    As for you, make the effort to get your stuff written. I think you have a lot to say and should get it out there.

    • randomshelly Says:

      You’re right – I have found mistakes in book from big publishing houses – where I KNOW they should have good people!! 🙂

      And thanks about the story comment – I am trying to organize my schedule to start working out again and to spend 1 hour of un-interrupted writing time – so we’ll see!

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