This is me…

This is my blog..

I have taken a few posts through the trials and tribulations of raising my 4-year-old son…

Have tried to entice some debate topics…  The only taker was Hugh Howey who really got me on a topic that is hard for me to debate – so drats on that one…  He wanted to take the stance I normally take and have me ‘prove’ the other side – thought-provoking and hard barely describes that conversation!

… And have been talking about my passion that I put on the shelf and need to wake back up… writing!  I think my Forever Humbled post got the most visits of any post I made…  which I love because I was feeling pretty emotional when I wrote that!

So I am here after having a horrible year last year – hoping to have a better one this year and vowing to get some people to subscribe to my blog and INTERACT with me (thanks so much to the ones who have!!)

I think interaction is great – gives ideas on great stuff to write about

I also think I will post another short story soon (other was Whirlpool) – Gotta dig one out that I have finished or is near completion – before I embark on my ‘long’ story… I can’t decide which to do between 2 of them – so I have a feeling I will go back and forth as ideas, thoughts, whatever hit me…  then hopefully while I continue writing, I will dive into the other (have a LOT started).

Think this is a good plan?  I need to find some serious motivation/inspiration/organization/kick in the butt to get these books finished…  I’m sure at least 10-20 people out there might actually read them – a couple aren’t even family!!  🙂


2 Responses to “This is me…”

  1. joyisachoice Says:

    Well, I’m reading now! And I totally feel you re: the trials & tribs of raising little boys. I still struggle each day to to right by mine whilst not losing myself. Looking forward to helping make your 2010 waaaaay better than 2009! 😉

    • randomshelly Says:

      Thanks! it won’t take much to make 2010 better than 2009!! … and tonight was a perfect example of the trials and tribulations! My adorable son did not go to bed until 9:30 – bedtime is 8!! oh JOY – but going off your website – he IS my joy!!! He just knocks me in the head sometimes! LOL – and literally – since he broke my nose on New Years!! (my mom was tickling him and he flew back and BAM! CRUNCH!) – fun! 😉

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