On the edge

What edge am I on?  I am on that edge between FML and WOO HOO.  So many things brought me to this point.  So many things happened, didn’t happen, could have happened, should have happened, would have happened… you get the point…

Last night I posted this status on Twitter and @Sally_G responded with “Sally goes out on a limb and shoves @randomshelly REALLY HARD towards WOO HOO. ‘Cause that’s what she deserves!!”  Thanks Sally!  Exactly what I needed.  Today has already been better!

I’m not going to go into all the whiny shoulda, coulda, wouldas that happened in the past to get me to this edge of FML – instead I’m going to focus on all the things that are pushing me towards WOO HOO.

First of all – I have an extremely wonderful family and friend contingent.  AWESOME PEOPLE!  Very supportive!

Secondly, seems that daily I find comfort and wisdom in connections I have made online and friends that are becoming part of my every day.

Who could ask for anything more?  Well, me…  Although I didn’t really ‘ask’ – but I have been writing again…  have started one of my novels…  I think maybe having a word count to *at least* get to daily is a good goal to set…  I wonder what a reasonable number is… anyone???

I have also been given the opportunity to change my game.  Things came up and I have the option now to do that – I’m very excited to see where I’m going!

Anyone else out there on this edge?  Do you have the support system to help make sure you end up on the WOO HOO side?  If not, find the support…  trust me – it is out there!  So many great people with ideas, advice, comfort, whatever you need.  Just make sure that you get rid of any of the negative people that are holding you back.  That is a must!




4 Responses to “On the edge”

  1. Anj (@1writergrrl) Says:

    I’ve got Sally_G, too, so I am quite confident she’ll keep working to ensure I’m standing firmly in Woo Hoo territory! 🙂 Glad she pushed you, too!!

  2. Sally G. Says:

    Wow, thanks Shelly! I’m leaping off an edge of my own at the moment. We’re all in this together! And I’m grateful to be part of you’re next best chapter!!

    Many of my online friends participated in National Novel Writing Month last November (NaNoWriMo). The goal there is to write 50,000 words in one month – from Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th. This is an annual event — with LOTS of support from participants and surrounding communities. Keep it in mind for Nov. 2010.

    A beautiful soul in the writing community that I’ve found on twitter is @writingspirit. Look her up and see if she resonates with you. She rallies writers, hosts online writers’ chats and shares wisdom galore.

    And if you’re not already following Anj (@1writergrrl) – I’ll tell you this … you will NOT find a more supportive, loving, encouraging and enthusiastic voice out there as you travel towards Woo Hoo. I’m so blessed to have met her.

    Here’s to us all randomshelly. Thank you soooo much for the honour of showing up here in your “I’m on my way” blog!!

    • randomshelly Says:

      I AM following Anj (LOVE HER!!) – So glad I found her in @Sarahrobinson ‘s 30 days! and you too! 🙂 You must have missed her comment about this post – she praised you too! 🙂 See why I love my online people more and more! So very supportive! I really hope to meet a lot in person one day!! 🙂

  3. Mark Sherrick Says:

    Man, Sally is turning into quite the All Star…I’m pleased I found the BOTH of you through Sarah.

    Best of luck to you in staying on the WooHoo path. Its a fun path we all wish we could be on more than off, and when you’re lucky enough to be on it, it’s amazing. Working my way back there myself…luckily I DO have the support to help me get there, I just need to work on ME now.

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