Lesson 1-Potty Training

Here are some helpful tips for anyone out there raising a son…  I have learned them the hard way.  Now remember as I write this he is only 4 and a half…  so over time I may come back and update this! 🙂  Now – on to what prompted this post tonight…

Potty training… Now, I was lucky enough when he wore diapers to never get that little shower that so many people have gotten!  But I haven’t gotten off scott-free…  so here are my three potty training tips for boys…

  1. Teach them EARLY… Seat up to go, Seat down when done, flush, wash your hands… it’s a good mantra  (has worked for us! Flushing is still an issue, but getting better!)
  2. Try to get them to aim in the middle.  We are still working on this one.. He seems to still think if he doesn’t hold it and doesn’t flush, he doesn’t have to spend time washing his hands! :))
  3. Never talk to them while they are going… they WILL turn to talk to you!!  Just hope you aren’t wearing really expensive shoes that would be ruined!

Now those are the tips… Here is the latest I have been dealing with though… Not sure what the tip will be… but figure it will be something like the mantra in Number 1…  So the issue seems to be that I need to RE-clarify what seat up means…  it means BOTH seats…  Unfortunately, I have gone into the bathroom a few times recently, sat down, and jumped right back up because the seat was wet…  Seems he lifted the lid, but not the other seat and since we are still working on Number 2 and 3…  well you get the picture!

Can’t wait to see what is next! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Lesson 1-Potty Training”

  1. joyisachoice Says:

    I hear ya…this weekend my 3yo peed on his PJ’s – the top! I am a fan of trying to get them to sit down to pee for as long as possible. Thanks for the reminder about the ‘no talking while the stream is active’ I could’ve ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes! 😉

    • randomshelly Says:

      LOL!! I think I need to go back and add a 4th… When putting on pull ups and underwear – make sure it is pointed DOWN!! Have to say that NOT ONE PERSON warned me that little boys wake up like men do… and starting at like 2!! Quite a shock I tell ya! 🙂

  2. singlemom10807 Says:

    How old was your son when you started potty training him? 🙂 And omg yes! I was super surprised when I changed my son one morning and saw that. Scary when you think about it.

    • randomshelly Says:

      Hey! He was into his 3rd year… we didn’t push him AT ALL. We bought all those little potties that go on the floor, we bought stuff to make a star chart, but he wasn’t interested in ANY of that.

      One day, He sat up on the big potty and went. after a little while we let him wear underwear instead of pull up (because he would just pee in the pull ups if he didn’t want to take the time to go to the bathroom!

      Right before he turned 4, we moved to a new house and he got defiant and would start just peeing in his pants standing right in front of us, so we implemented a token system. he got a token every time he went, or tried to go in the potty. When he got all the tokens, he got a ‘prize’. It worked! Now the only time we tell him to go is before we leave to go in the car!

      Still working on night time though! Last night I went to tuck him in and he was SOAKED, had to change him and put him on the other bed… so hard to do that fast when they are sound asleep and keep jerking awake! 🙂

      • singlemom10807 Says:

        I’m trying to decide when I should start training brenden. Like, he seems interested, he likes watching the dvds and stuff, but when you ask him if he needs a change, he says no and denies having poo’ed or peed. lol

        • randomshelly Says:

          Thought I answered this one – sorry! DON’T push him!! That is literally where the words anal retentive will come into play! Make it like a game! Would you like to go? Are you big enough to do it yourself? That kind of thing… he will figure it out 🙂 Just have your cleaning supplies ready LOL

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