Happy Green Day!

I’ve got a good story to pull out for St. Patrick’s Day…  But first let me tell you a quick story about my sucky mommy skills from last night…

Last night, my son had a ‘test’ at his karate class.  Even though he wasn’t REALLY focused, he did pretty well.  He got his next belt.

So where is the ‘bad mommy’ part?  I didn’t bring a camcorder to record it, I didn’t take pictures while he was doing his routine.

So at the end, when they were putting on his new belt, I pulled out the iPhone and started recording.. you can’t zoom (or I don’t know how) so you can’t really tell it is him… So I was watching it through the phone when I noticed that he was standing there, with the instructor, holding his old belt and looking around.  Seems I was supposed to go and get the old belt from him.  I suck.  So I jumped up and pushed my way through the crowd and and I could hear “THERE she is”.  So he ran over and gave me his old belt, I took it, gave him a hug, told him how proud I was of him and he ran back to the group.  Did I mention I suck?  Only good thing is, I don’t think he realized it last night!

So now on to the Irish funny story.

When I was pregnant, I got an amniocentesis.  I don’t recommend this procedure to anyone (that is another story).  So when you go into the doctor’s office, you have to fill out paperwork.  This helps them determine your ‘risk’ factors.  One of the questions is Ethnicity.  So I put down mine…  Irish, German, Scottish, Indian… and turn to my husband…

Me: “What are you?”

Him: “Irish”

Me: “And”

Him: “Irish”

Me: “seriously, come on.”

Him: “I am serious”

Me: “I have to put this shit down on here.”

Him: “I’m 100% Irish.”

Me: “Bullshit”

Him: *blank stare*

You see how this went.  So I put down Irish…  So now this is a joke around here…  (he is NOT 100% Irish by the way…)  But somehow, now my son is 100% Irish.  Go figure….  I can’t win.

6 Responses to “Happy Green Day!”

  1. Jesse C. Slicer Says:

    I think my lineage puts me around at least 33% Irish. My maternal grandmother was born and raised in Northern Ireland and I know my dad’s side of the family has some as well. But most of the time I call myself Irish because the Polish (maternal grandfather is from Poland) and French and the rest of the mix doesn’t strike up any great pride feelings like the Irish does.

    • randomshelly Says:

      That is so true! I think the Irish and the Italians have the biggest amount of pride feelings out there! or in my experience anyway! Plus the Irish get their own holiday!! LOL

      • Sarah Wright Says:

        I’m 100% Irish too!! Must be our genes.

      • Jesse C. Slicer Says:

        I grew up in an area that was predominantly Polish and French and then a smattering of Irish. From what I remember, the day after St. Patrick’s Day is known as St. Stanilaus’ Day (Polish) and you’re supposed to wear red.

        • randomshelly Says:

          So it’s like a mini Christmas week… green then red.. Just kidding…

          I don’t think I have ever lived in an area that had a big amount of groups like that – I think it is cool when people are proud of their heritage and show that! 🙂

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