It’s my birthday

Today is my birthday…

I started off the day with a wonderful “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from my husband and then my son…

My son then informed me that he needed to stay home from school with me for my birthday… and that since I watched him get his new belt in testing last night.. that he needed to sit and watch me get my belt this morning… (I did get my new belt, btw – it was fun! :))

As cute as that was… and it was…  he went to school…

My mom picked him up at 11:30 (actual let out time for VPK) and took him to get my present…  I told her he could get me a travel coffee mug – I use those a LOT…

So they come home.. and he hands me a dozen roses…  AWWWWW…

Mom said she tried to get him to buy the pretty sunflowers, but he said ‘NO, he wanted me to have those’ – how freaking awesome is that?

So he picked out a pink travel mug… it HAD to be pink he said – and he also bought me some Junior Mints – my favorite… (at my mom’s bidding I’m sure) – so when I opened them, he tried one and said, “mmm… minty” (Have I mentioned lately how awesome he is?)

Hubby’s gift to me, by the way, was a request from me (don’t ask)… and that he has to take me to see Sex and the City 2 this weekend (can’t wait).

I have had an awesome birthday so far…  I know tonight will be just as good!  I am truly blessed I tell ya!

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