Merging blogs and moving…

If this blog is in your Google Reader or bookmarked or you subscribe… (and BTW – thanks SO much if you do)..

I have merged RandomShelly, MotivateMeDaily and TheRoadBackToSexy – into one blog…  WOO HOO… no more confusion, or worrying (on my part if I should put a thought or post somewhere else…)

They are now located at When you go there, the main focus is the store… but my blogs are me, the jewelry is me and I FINALLY decided that I want them all together…

and if you subscribed to more than one of them, wow, and you will get this post more than once – since I am making this my last post on these sites and will leave them up for a short time…

I launched the site before everything was perfect – so I WILL have issues… but I needed to get out of my own way and just get on with it already!  I thought I had lost all my comments when I moved the blog – but I didn’t!  woo hoo!  I love my comments!

I hope you enjoy the new site and as just stated, I love comments, suggestions, and definitely let me know if you find any issues!!



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