Sunny Florida

Lounging by the pool

Lounging by the pool

Had a good day in ole Sunny Florida today!  I spent a lot of time out in/by the pool.  I read, floated, played with my son, and just chilled.  Warm sun, nice breeze, crickets and the sound of the wind flowing through the trees.  Very serene!

Yesterday, Hubby and son went to the beach and had a great time! Unfortunately, Hubby had a little trouble applying the sunscreen to my son!  It doesn’t seem to be hurting him though, so all I have done is rub a little Aloe Vera on there!

Bad Sunscreem

Bad Sunscreen from the side

Looks like a mask for a super hero

Looks like a mask for a super hero

Watched True Blood tonight…  I am getting more and more excited to see the next episodes this season!  Right when one is over, I start counting down until the next one.  We ought to have a party for the finale!  We’ll see! 🙂

So looking forward to shows starting up again this fall!  Southland starts back to work tomorrow! woo hoo!  I really like this show… I like ensemble casts – gives many different characters and points of view! Wells always seems to do that… worked for ER!  I just hope that NBC doesn’t drop the ball and ruin this show!  I am still very upset that Life got canceled!

You know, here is one diatribe that I have.  I have watched MANY shows over the years.  They have good ideas, solid casts and then someone (don’t know who producers, studio, writers, ??) I don’t know these things – but someone ruins it. Here are some examples:

Profiler:  Awesome idea…  kind of like criminal minds…  they had a great cast – and while Jack started off being necessary to explain why Ally was skiddish and had quit…  They didn’t need to continue that BS through the whole series… They could have made awesome episodes on each episodes merits and gone into the characters here and there…

Pretender – if they would have kept showing more of the ‘pretending’ and not so much of the BS of them ‘catching him’ – it would have been better, and lasted longer!!

I will write more when they pop into my head – as they often do!! 🙂

Night all…


Had a good day at the beach today.  My son REALLY loves going there.. he runs in and out of the water constantly!  Then he will want to build a sand castle, so you start building it, get about 5 structures done – and then – just like clockwork – He will raze the whole thing!

He thinks this is extremely funny! 🙂  Which it is!  Then, he runs in the water and back out and wants to do a sand castle again…  You get the picture.  We also take ‘noodles’ to the beach – they are fun to hold on to while you bob around in the waves!

So as we were driving back home today, Hubby and I were discussing whether going to beach was really worth it – do the pros outweigh the cons?  “Back in the day” – going to beach meant taking a towel, a Walkman and a book…  Now I take a chair, an umbrella, a cooler with juice boxes and snacks, sandcastle making stuff, ‘noodles’, maybe a raft…  you have to pack all that up – hail it out to the spot, set it up, then break it down, load it up and haul it back to the car (obviously I don’t live on the beach)  🙂

In the end, hubby and I decided that it was worth it – although not everyday!  The reason it is worth it?  Because our son loves it so much and has such a good time!  Nothing beats seeing a happy 3 year old! 🙂  And maybe I will be a better Mommy and remember to bring the video and/or at least the camera and get good pics of the perfect child having fun! 🙂  My mother and mother-in-law would probably appreciate that too…