Random List of Thoughts

I think there is no greater gift in life than good friends and close families

I love that I am fully aware that even though I have done things in the past I wish I could change – I know that I wouldn’t change them because those events and choices made me the person that I am today and allow me to live the life I am, with the people that I love.

I love that my husband kisses me hello and goodbye every time one of us goes anywhere.

I love it when my husband laughs.

I love hearing the new things that my son comes up with everyday as he is learning logic! (he is 3)

I am so proud of my mother for going back to college and becoming a Veterinarian! Even though at the time I completely rebelled against moving while in High School!!!

I still crave Guthries in Auburn!

I know that my son will never fully understand the concept of 8-Tracks, rotary phones, dial up, or many of those types of things that make me feel older and older as we get more advanced!

I wonder sometimes how we ever lived without the ipod and crackberries.

I am proud of the friendships I have and have had over my lifetime.

I would die for my son.

I think people who abuse children should be thrown off a cliff. (just saying)

I think people who abuse animals (see above)

I love, love, love shoes! Of course anyone who knows me or has seen my closet already knows this!

I still regret not going to Medical School.

I hope that I live long enough to see my son become the man he will be.

I probably watch too much TV and read too many books – but I love them both so much!

I never understood unconditional, overpowering love until I had my son.

I am glad that I waited until I found the right guy before I got married.

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