no idea

Going to have to quit numbering these blogs because I will inevitably get the numbering off somewhere!!

So irritated last night with American Idol… How freaking hard it is to end the program on time??? BAD PRODUCERS!! or whoever it is in show business that controls that sort of thing! Just like at the awards shows – GEE – if people are running over on one part – kill something else… anyway – so since I dvr everything, I missed the ending of Idol. Up until the announcement – Chris Daughtry and Ausiello were tweeting constantly – but nothing for a bit after – DANG!!! – so I had to go get on the net and look it up. Congratulations Kris! Both of these guys were good and will make good albums – I also think Allison, Matt and Danny will make an album pretty quickly! I just hope they have good people behind them who will work with them to make a good album! Out of all of them – I think that Adam will be least likely to let anyone else run over him and compromise his strengths and talents… Just kills me when you have such a talent and the ‘experts’ who are helping them (LOL) force them to do cheesy songs because that will sell…. if the music is good – it will sell… anyway – not really a soapbox I should be on!

So then I watched one of the shows that was also being taped (hence the missing of the end of Idol because you can only record 2 things at once, and at 10 I was taping Criminal Minds and Law&Order… anyway – watched the season finale of Criminal Minds – both episodes… YUCK on the pig farm – just gross!! Reminded me of the HBO show Deadwood… so who in the world was the guy at the end after Hotch?? Obvioulsy it was from an old case where he didn’t make a deal and something happened – will have to search the memory (good luck with that one) to figure it out before next season… or more than likely I will forget about it until it is time to start back up though… 🙂

Can’t decide if I am going to watch Royal Pains this summer or not – seems like it might be good – like the actors – we’ll see… I still don’t know why more series don’t try to be summer series – I mean – not much to watch most of the time except re-runs! why not get a good following in some summer months… a lot of competition for fall and spring… and some really good shows get canceled because they don’t get a chance to find their place and get their footing… if they would run in the summer – they might have a better chance!! look at The Closer!! big hit – plays in the summer! – just saying!

ok – so this morning, my 3 year old was getting dressed for school and he came in singing “hokey pokey” – “put your right foot in, put your right foot out, do the hokey pokey and turn your SOCK around” – too cute!