Rejected! BLAM!

I have been sitting here TRYING to read my new book on SQL SERVER 2008 (yeah, I’m a geek). It is a very hard thing to do… it leaves me wondering… how in the world do you get through a whole chapter without your eyes glazing over? I guess the fact that I have my ipod plugged in and I catch myself doing a little dance – or that someone I’m following on Twitter has Tweeted doesn’t help much either!

I saw a great video on twitter from @SteveIsaacs about twitiquette… found it through a RT by @Alyssa_Milano … He has a few and they are good. I then went out and tried to find people I thought were funny or might have good tweets – non famous people – because I thought there might actually be a chance to get a reply from someone who didn’t have thousands of people following them… So I found one person – @WitchyWriter – got to that ID by clicking through NCIS stuff – she had some funny comments about Dexter and I thought OK – I’ll follow… of course I then got blocked!! wow – rejection!! oh well, I will survive! I think I blocked a few people at first b/c I thought “I haven’t even posted yet – why would they follow me” thought it was an auto thing… I wonder how to unblock them???

So I will go clicking again later and see if I can find some interesting people… I have replied to a few of the famous people – supposedly – still not sure how you tell if it is the real person or not – some are very funny regardless – and post interesting links! I have yet to get one reply back though! 😦 – I guess it could be b/c I’m boring… NAH – that CAN’T be it!

I did get a DM from Cesar Millan – but I imagine everyone who follows him does! I love watching the Dog Whisperer! My mother is a Veterinarian and she gives his advice all the time and tries to tell people that they need to train themselves!! 🙂

OK – well now that I am done with my snack (protein bar) – I guess I better get back to reading, glazing, reading, dancing, reading, twittering, reading, glazing… you get the picture!!