What ‘topics’ do you think cannot be argued?  There really are not that many… so much information out there – and everyone with their own and differing opinions — this is what I think makes us great as humans!

So the only topics I can think of that have no argument ‘FOR” are child abuse/animal abuse.. I used to think suicide – but then I rethought that one (actually, I abhor suicide – I think it is the most cowardly/selfish thing you can do – and I am not talking about ‘assisted suicide’ being terminal and in excruciating pain… that is different than thinking there is no other option and that ending a perfectly healthy life that always has the chance to get better)  But for my ‘advocacy of suicide’ read correction just take with a grain of salt! 🙂

So if you read this and want to debate – give me a topic!  I am firmly gripped in my own beliefs and ideas – but I also have the ability to argue the other side just to see how firm, valid and real people’s beliefs are – it is usually easy to figure out who really believes what they are saying  or who is just repeating some bullshit they heard somewhere and they really don’t know what they are talking about.  Whether they are just uninformed or if they just choose to be ignorant!

I will admit – I am definitely not an expert on every subject – and there are some things that I would have to research before I could firm up a differing opinion – but I love to be educated and learn new things and sometimes arguing with someone (constructively…) will help me learn!

Great quote: “A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and won’t change the subject” – Sir Winston Churchill (also on my quotes page!)

so topics anyone?? 🙂  XOXOXO

Addendum…  Need to add this:  How about someone give me a vehement opinion and I will argue against it – Seems that the 2 topics people have asked me to debate – I have a hard time coming up with a fanatical opinion…  I should rephrase this whole posed question and say give me a diatribe and I will debate you on your opinions to firm up your beliefs – and thereby will firm up my own…  I guess the way I debate is to ask questions about something that someone says and whether I agree with them or not – will ask questions or make comments that require thought to answer… does that make sense?

disturbing thoughts & correction

ok – so I finally decided to let someone I know read this blog – so I thought I should read over what I wrote, because this person knows me! 🙂

So my first corrections is for the statement I made about suicide… I said that I could not argue both sides of that… let me clarify that now… Lately, I have seen WAY TOO MANY headlines about a parent coming home and killing their kids, spouses and even themselves (some of them)… I can’t really even bear to read the stories anymore. So here is my argument FOR suicide (take with a grain of salt please). If you feel that life is so bad, there is no hope, no other option – and your decision is that it would be best to just put your family out of ‘their’ misery – then by all means – kill yourself – yourself ONLY!!! Especially if you decide to kill your family and leave your cowardly, selfish, evil self alive. Because I am not a cowardly, selfish, evil person – I cannot even fathom how deciding that killing children would ever be ‘better’ for them…

Of course I vehemently advocate taking yourself to a hospital and getting some help. There is always help and hope… and maybe by pulling your head out, you might get your priorities right and raise your family to become everything that they should be. Man, I probably shouldn’t post this – but this ‘pandemic’ we are seeing lately of killings – just boils my blood and makes me sick!

Just read the story of the woman who killed her 3 year old, performed CPR on him, brought him back. then killed him again…. (poor child buried in the sandbox) First reports – so who knows if true – but damn…. OH MY GOD – I didn’t need to read that…