I need to write

A while ago, I wrote a post about story ideas that I had – a few people voted on which one they liked better… (original post here) .  That was over 6 months ago – and while I did dig out all of my old story ideas, note cards, etc…  I still have not written…

But that is going to change!  I am going to start with putting aside at least an hour out of my day, to just write…  Hopefully, that will get my creative juices flowing again and I will find more time to write and actually get a novel completed to the editing stage!  WOO HOO.

My goal is to get a novel completed in time to have my uncle read it and edit it…  (he has Stage 4 Liver and Colon cancer) – He is an awesome editor and is also one of the people in my life pushing me to use my talents to write.

Then a friend came in  town and we started looking over all the (very rough) writing I had done – and it started the ole mind a workin’ again!  It also showed me that I have GOT to turn off my internal editor (wrote about that a few posts ago)…  I need to get down the thoughts on ‘paper’ (am actually typing, not writing – but you know what I mean! LOL)  – bad grammar, bad sentence structure and all (kind of like how I write these posts on here 🙂  It is VERY tough however, to turn off that editor and just let the ideas flow out – I wonder if there is help for that (and no – I do not mean meds for OCD)

Anyway – if anyone reads this post and would like to click the link back to the other post and vote on the story ideas – that will help! 🙂  I do thank the 2 people who did vote though! 🙂