SOOO.. I feel better!  WOO HOO!

I walked ALL over the MacDill AFB on Saturday watching the planes, sky divers and then the Blue Angels… and since I did it with very little sleep AND a hangover… that counts as exercise… right??

And tonight, I walked on the treadmill for a mile!  I will do it again in the morning.

and… I am not EVEN going to talk about diet!

Just saying…  Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow 😉


What a weekend.  As I sit here at 3 am – I am so spent!

Sometimes when I work out I feel so good, and then there are times where – I find it hard to make it past 30 minutes!!  inevitably though, I can feel the effects of the workouts!  Not just the fact that I am drenched in sweat and gulping down water while I work out…  I am talking about the toning and increase in energy level.

Isn’t life funny?  so easy to get yourself in a catch 22…  I sure got myself in one with working out!  You don’t work out because you don’t have energy, you don’t have energy because you don’t work out and you don’t eat right!  VICIOUS circle!! For sure!!

But can I just tell you how much I lam looking forward to going shopping for jeans (which I have rarely worn in my life) –and I plan to get some skinny jeans and find the right fit for me – trying on all those jeans will be fun because of the company that will be with me!  Great friends!

You can never have too many good friends!  Let me say that I am SOO lucky in my life because I have a wide range of good friends!  I also have a great family!  so I am doubly blessed!  Really, seriously, you can’t beat that – with anything! 🙂

Just saying.

Great Energy

Except for the fact that I can barely walk, and standing up/sitting down makes me want to scream…  I have so much energy now from working out!!  The intense pain right now is from trying a different routine of lunges, squats and abdominal stuff…  but it is a good pain!

It is amazing how working out and getting that energy helps in almost every aspect of your life!  I am thinking better, I am wanting to do more things, I am even more relaxed…  That doesn’t seem to go together – but it does!  I still am not LOVING to workout – but  do and I feel better when I do!!!

woo hoo

Let me just tell you how much I love Billy Blanks right now – I have only done the ‘Ultimate Tae Bo’ twice – but I already feel some results!  It is 60 minutes of pure cardio, abs, legs, ummmm.. ALL OVER BODY!  I wear a workout monitor and I am in the zone 46 minutes of the 60 minutes and burn well over 600 calories – it will be even more when I am able to REALLY keep up! 🙂  And let me tell you that I am SOAKED after the workout!  I have yet to do the ‘extra’ 30 minutes – which would make it an hour and a half workout – but I will do that next week!

And I love the motivation he gives.  He overcame a lot and has really made a good life for himself and his family.  He inspires and loves it!  Still teaches classes every day  – tae bo AND martial arts.  I also visited his website… lots of stuff! I need to get the fight stick for the advanced Tae bo – when and if I ever get there!!

I am also getting used to using this big ole ball as a chair at my desk – and since Billy really worked my abs – I can sure feel that it does do something! Love it!  🙂

I need to go and sign up for Martial arts classes – I have always wanted to learn it – and I think my son will be very good at it too! – Just need to find the time!

Hope everyone else is doing what they need to do to get healthy!  I am trying very hard – and now that hubby has found out that he has high cholesterol too – he wants us to start eating better..  I want a cheat day – but he wants to limit it to a cheat meal – AH MAN!!! 🙂  We’ll see….

good intentions!

OHHH I have SUCH good intentions!

Today – was not as good as it should have been!  My workout partner had to cancel on me today – and did I work out by myself?? HELL NO – I DID NOT!!  Come on!!  I can do better than this!

Now it is 1 am – and I need to go to sleep – The prodigal perfect 3 year old – is going to be waking me up a few hours from now!!  So since it is already tomorrow – and I have just eaten another packet of Fruit Snacks – I think it is time to take a deep breath and prepare for today to be better than yesterday!

Hubby also has to realized that pizza night just doesn’t help!  And then telling me that I should not be eating that ice cream – well, come on – that doesn’t help! 🙂

Why oh why – do all of the things that are good for you have to taste so bad and all the awesome tasting stuff have to be so bad for you?? WHY??

Motivation is a bitch!


I am so mentally, emotionally and physically drained.  Mentally and emotionally because of something that happened to a person that I love this week.  I am not sure what all is going to happen now, but we’ll see..

Physically, I think Billy Blanks has officially kicked my ass.  I was POURING sweat today!  Which is awesome!  Advanced Tae Bo – WOW…  Still a little scared to start P90X on Monday – but looking forward to the results!  I am already feeling the definition in my arms and abdominals!  YEAH!

Sad Week – with Ed, Farrah and Michael – RIP.

Makes me realize how lucky I am to be alive and be with and around the people that I love.

XOXO – Shelly


Please tell me who invented this form of torture! I only say this because I am sitting here in pain – no matter how I move, something hurts!

LOL  This week, we got bored with the 3rd stage of Slim in 6 – so we decided to Tae Bo – Did the basic one yesterday and again today… and while that made us create a puddle on the floor, we have decided to do the advanced version for the rest of the week… Boy THAT should be fun! 🙂

Then On Monday – P90X time begins – Kinda scary!  But we can do it! WOO – Let’s go!

Monday also begins my new relationship with food.. I need to eat breakfast.. hell, I need to eat before 4 in the afternoon!  My biggest problem is that I don’t eat all day and then I snack all night!

I am also going to get an exercise ball to sit on here at my desk – work on that core!  I think a lot of my pains will go away if I can get that core stronger!

I really have had a lot more energy and I feel better (minus the muscle pains of course) – but in general!  I think this is a good thing! WOO HOO!!

I gained 120 #s from being pregnant and on bed rest for 7 months – of course that is another story! Lost the majority of it – now just need to ‘clean it up’ 🙂 LOL