new site

So here I am – over on a new site – moved the blog over so it looks like I did all my postings at the same time – Fun…

So I have a rant.  I really have lived, tried to live my life in a certain way.  I actually pride myself on the fact that I could still actually call up and talk to anyone that I have gone out with, and that every friend I have made over the years, I still have contact with. Some more sporadically than others – but that is usually the way of the world!  Getting on FaceBook was a great experience for me – connecting with people from as far back as Junior High – Sometimes I wonder – Are they going to remember who I am – Some I don’t try to add b/c I think they might not remember me – but you never know – I need to just get in there and do it!

As for Twitter, I am wholeheartedly addicted…  Found some really funny and good people to follow… Found some celebrities on there and I shoot a tweet to them every so often. 🙂

I’ve gotten into some stimulating conversations and I love that – bantering around ideas, hearing different points of view… Kirstie Alley cracks me up!

It is past time for me to turn my brain back on – I had shut it down because of certain circumstances and now I need it defragged and rebooted!  I am working on it!