There have been a lot of things lately that I am not thankful for.  Last year just about destroyed me…  This year started off with my son accidentally breaking my nose…  Then my husband and I got this horrible chest cold that lasted about 3 weeks…  then as I finally started to get over that, I got another virus affecting my throat, head and chest again…  and as I sit here typing, I am trying to keep my nose from bleeding (sorry for the visual)…  and the ranting…  but now on to the good stuff!

What am I thankful for?  My family, my friends, my life.  If you don’t actually know me in person and know the amazing people surrounding me in my life, let me share…  If I called out each person individually, this post would be way too long to read…  suffice it to say that my extended family is awesome… I am an only child, so I grew up surrounded by my cousins and my mother’s cousins – we were together at least once a week at Sunday dinners.  I miss that.  It’s really amazing to look back and see how those dinners, even when we fought having to go to them, formed our relationships and made us closer.  I regret that since I don’t live near everyone anymore – my son will really miss out on something special!

My mother, who raised me most of my life as a single mother is indescribable…  but I will try.  She always put my wants and needs above her own.  I didn’t realize that or appreciate it until I was older and could see what she had sacrificed and done.  My senior year in High School, she moved me to another state so she could go to Veterinary School.  Boy did I rebel.  I tried everything I could think of to stay where I was, but this time, she didn’t let me.  In retrospect I am glad…  I made some amazing friends at the new school that I still keep in touch with today…  and I can’t gush enough or put into words how very PROUD I am of her for going back to college (she dropped her Freshman year because I came along) – and then she became a doctor.. a good one!  I think I can sum up my mother in the phrase she told me my whole life (and still does every time I do something stupid) – She would listen to me talk and then she would say, “You made your bed…  you can change the sheets”  of course, she was always right…

If you read my random list of thoughts (at the top of my blog) – those got written because of a Facebook list going around “25 random thoughts” or something like that … anyway, a few of them refer to my husband.  Can I just say (again) that I am SO glad that I waited until I found the right man before I got married?!  That doesn’t mean that every single minute of our marriage has been perfection…  there are ups and downs like everything in life.  But when I need or want him, I have him.  We definitely have a lot of opposite characteristics which I think balances out rather nicely…  and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My son makes me smile every day.  Every. Single. Day.  Multiple times a day at that.  Of course he has his moments that make me not smile.  What kid doesn’t!  But sometimes I just sit and stare at him and I smile.  The other day we were driving in the car and taking a friend of his back home and the friend said, “you made the right turn, you know where you’re going” and my son said, “my Mommy and Daddy know everything.  They are adults.  I know a lot of things, but not everything because I am a kid”  How precious is that!!  🙂  Of course wait until he figures out that just because someone is an ‘adult’ doesn’t mean they know everything!  But it was so nice to know that he thinks that of us now!  I did ask him if I could put that in writing – but since he is only 4 – I don’t think he got what I meant.

Friends – Oh my, I have some good ones.  I’m not going to put their names in here – don’t know how they would feel about that…  but I have good friends that I keep up with on a regular basis, that date back to 5th grade!  Others I made throughout my life and am still making!  I have made a few really good friends just since I’ve moved down to Florida.  I wish that I lived closer to them all – of course they don’t all live in the same place – but I see them when I can and am grateful for unlimited texting!  There really is no better description of a true friend than “someone who knows all about you, but loves you anyway”…

And hopefully next week, I will be able to start to say that I am thankful for my health! 🙂

What are you thankful for? If you are grateful for someone in your life – you should tell them! Every single time you think it, SAY IT.  I think sometimes, people get so wrapped in up in the day-to-day crap, that they take the good stuff for granted…  and sometimes, the good stuff will go away if it is not nurtured!  You know?I don’t know a person out there who hasn’t at some point in their life felt like those around them take them for granted.  In most cases, it is not that they aren’t appreciated, but that the other person is getting their stuff done and probably feels the same way!

I started putting little notes in my husband’s and son’s lunch boxes…  It’s not much and takes so little time – but I hope it conveys that I love and appreciate them.

Did I do that?

I don’t know if this happens in every family – but it ALWAYS happens in mine when new people are introduced and we are all gathered….

The childhood ‘funny’ stories all come out.

What I would really like to know though, is… didn’t anyone else but me do all of the bad, embarrassing, funny things???

Really?  I got reminded of all of these stories again over Thanksgiving when my aunt brought her friend to our gathering…  Don’t get me wrong, I think the stories are funny too, but it is a little surreal sitting there while people are screaming “oh, I got one…. remember that time Shelly did…”  So here are a few excerpts of those stories…

I was 4 years old, we were out of milk, Mom and I had a really bad car – hard to start…  so in my pajamas, we went to the 7-11.  Mom ran in, left the car running…  and I am so old that back then – we were NOT in car seats, so somehow I took it upon myself to climb into the front seat, put the car in gear and drive through the 7-11.  All I remember about the incident was a display of Legg’s pantyhose flying out in front of the car.  My mom’s favorite part of the story is that she grabbed me out of the car, made sure I was ok, set me on a counter and dealt with the police, the owner and the people we had to pay to come board up the store.  After all of that, she came back to get me… and only then realized that she had set me on the ice cream freezer and I was so upset by the incident that I didn’t say a word, but I was very cold!

I think on this one, I was 4 too.  I was in the grocery store with my mom, aunt and grandmother…  I was acting up (surprise) and my mom leaned over and said, “If you don’t stop doing that, I will beat you to death”  So I started screaming at the top of my lungs, “Mommy, don’t beat me, don’t beat me”  They couldn’t do anything but laugh.  You may be asking yourself why this is funny… it is because my mother never spanked me – and she definitely wouldn’t have beat me… 🙂

Next… Traveling on an airplane with my grandfather, who to put it mildly, drank… and also flirted a lot with that great southern charm of his…  Well according to reports, there was some flirting going on between my grandfather and a woman behind us.  She said to me “Oh, what a cute little girl” to which I replied “I don’t like you”. I am sure there were other things – because when we landed my grandfather said he would never fly with me again… I have no memory of this 🙂

I think that is enough for now…  🙂


Had such a great time with family here and I am now enjoying sitting around doing practically nothing!

Yesterday I organized my office a little better and then made some jewelry…  went to bed about 4 am this morning…  so being woken up at 8:30 was GREAT!! LOL

Now I am siting here relaxing and watching Farscape Season 1.  I really like this show.  I watched it a few times on and off over the seasons – but never got the schedule right, so watching them in order now is GREAT!  I am not sure which of the shows from which seasons I have seen, but now I can put all the stories together.  They did a good job so far in the first season in delving into the characters past – giving us a lot of information without giving all of it – more mysteries to be revealed! 🙂  I knew I liked this show by what I had already seen and now I know why!

I can’t wait until they show Flashpoint in here in the U.S. – why they are just showing it in Canada first – I just don’t get it – but then again TV execs have had me flabbergasted lately.  I hear Flash Forward is good – but I decided not to watch it because I figured it would get canceled.  But it hasn’t yet… and of course I started to watch Trauma – only to have it canceled…  after canceling Southland, I thought NBC would get a little wiser… Trauma was good, I liked it, so of course they canceled it!  At least Southland got to jump over to TNT!  Woo Hoo – there was some good news! 🙂  Ok – I will get off my soap box about that…  well…. at least for the moment…

Back to relaxation! 🙂  (and Farscape!)

Holy Cow

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I do believe this is the first time I have had Thanksgiving at my house!  Lots of family will be here tomorrow (well this afternoon actually for the ones staying with me!)  I can’t wait! 🙂

Good news on the kid front…  He is doing exceptionally well.  The school has moved to its new location and they are splitting his class in half – so he will not be in a huge class anymore!  I think that will really help!

With that many kids in one class, I think it is very hard to allow any child to whine or act up for more than a second! The Doctor says she doesn’t really need to see him.  The hitting has almost stopped.  Bedtime is just awesome.  The name calling is still being worked on, but overall – the prodigy child is acting like the boy I knew was there! LOL

On the workout front, well, losing my workout partner just took all of my motivation and threw it out the door…  Need to figure out how to make working out a part of my every day routine!  I keep trying to tell myself a quote I heard from my friend Andy Core, “When is the best time to workout? – Whenever you will do it” – Good quote!

Labor Day

Wow – what a great weekend! We had a lot of family come in town and while it seemed a little hectic at times – it was fun.  Great weather here this weekend!  Lots of pool time and against my better judgment – shopping time…  Seriously – I will not go to a mall again for a long, long, long, long (get the picture yet?) long time…. 🙂  Just saying.

Can I just say how excited I am about my son’s new sleeping schedule?  I don’t want to jinx it – but he has now gone to sleep on the new schedule for 6 nights in a row…  How awesome is that?  Let me just tell you how awesome it is – VERY!  I am very happy to discover that consistency is the key and we can actually do it! 🙂

Getting ready for week 2

We had a pretty good weekend.  My husband and I spent a lot of time making sure that we were consistent with our son.  We implemented the new ‘Star’ system… I made magnets with stars on them and we put them on the refrigerator.  My son gets 2 rows of stars, my husband and I both get one row of Stars….  My son picked the Red and the Yellow Stars… I am the White Stars and Daddy has the Blue Stars.

Every time one of us does something wrong, we move 1 Star over to the ‘bad’ side.  If my son loses the first 5 Stars, he loses the DS System for the night.  If he loses the second set of Stars, he loses his TV and cars for the night…

Me?  I lose my phone and Daddy loses the remote (son chose).  However, the great part is – you can EARN back your stars by doing something good…  Like picking up clothes, going swimming in the pool, giving hugs, calming down and having a conversation about whatever it is,  telling someone that you love them (and mean it), etc… you get the drift…

So far my son has not lost the DS, but has come close!  Both hubby and I have had 2 Stars moved over… hmmmm…  they were deserved!

I think I have calmed down from my last post.  My mom has actually helped me figure out a bunch of things in his behavior and I have noticed what some of these patterns are.  Do we really need to go see the doctor this week?  I have no idea – but it can’t hurt to talk to her and see what she has to say – but I swear if I hear the words my child id the worst – I will blow my top!  I can’t imagine I would hear that though!  He is not the worst child, not even close – he is a very, very good child who is just frustrated because he isn’t getting enough information!

An example, tonight, I was putting him to bed and he had calmed down and I tried to explain to him that he needed to go to sleep in HIS bed… He interrupted me with “Please mom, it is my turn to talk.” to which I said ok. Then he said “If I lose my room I have to sleep in the guest room for this night and tomorrow and then I get my room back right?” (this came about because the guest room isn’t  fun… no toys, no fish tank, etc…  Nothing to get in trouble with and we don’t have to trek up and down the stairs when he gets up/… However, it turns out that he likes the adventure of sleep in the guest room… now what to do!) (will ask doc!) So then I asked him wouldn’t he rather find out how he can stay in his room and be able to get some stars moved back over to the good side.. He said yes – and I told him that he had to apologize (for saying something mean to me) and get in bed and go to sleep… so he did.  One battle over!  I think we did pretty well.

I am still kind of nervous about going to the doctor…  I have never had therapy and don’t know much about it – but I guess I won’t know until we ALL go to the session.  Very interesting!  I am still devastated that he was called the worst in his class – but I was VERY happy on Friday when I went to pick him up and his color for the day was GREEN!!! WOO HOO…  honestly this leads me to believe that the teacher will be objective and actually give him a chance…  We shall see…


What a weekend.  As I sit here at 3 am – I am so spent!

Sometimes when I work out I feel so good, and then there are times where – I find it hard to make it past 30 minutes!!  inevitably though, I can feel the effects of the workouts!  Not just the fact that I am drenched in sweat and gulping down water while I work out…  I am talking about the toning and increase in energy level.

Isn’t life funny?  so easy to get yourself in a catch 22…  I sure got myself in one with working out!  You don’t work out because you don’t have energy, you don’t have energy because you don’t work out and you don’t eat right!  VICIOUS circle!! For sure!!

But can I just tell you how much I lam looking forward to going shopping for jeans (which I have rarely worn in my life) –and I plan to get some skinny jeans and find the right fit for me – trying on all those jeans will be fun because of the company that will be with me!  Great friends!

You can never have too many good friends!  Let me say that I am SOO lucky in my life because I have a wide range of good friends!  I also have a great family!  so I am doubly blessed!  Really, seriously, you can’t beat that – with anything! 🙂

Just saying.