Spring Break

So…  I originally started a post about this week being my son’s spring break…  I couldn’t write anything other than that sentence.

Then last night, I felt like the worst mommy in the world.  I got frustrated with my son, not only for his BAD behavior at bedtime, but for the entire week.  So for this week, I suck as a mom.

I thought it would be good for us to go visit relatives around Florida.

We went to Ft. Meyers and then to Boca.  We were going to go down to the keys too – but that got nipped.

So why does this make me suck?

Imagine taking a 4 year old to people’s houses who have EVERYTHING in its place.  Don’t touch anything!

That really doesn’t make a good time with a 4 year old who doesn’t understand they can’t play with anything.

NOTE TO SELF: Disney world, Busch Gardens, Aquarium… anything for kids.

Lesson learned.

Now… today, I decided to spend the day in the pool with my son to make up for last night and to have fun.

As I am sure any mom knows, he already forgot about getting in trouble…

And we had a great day!

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention that while playing in the pool with his dad, I swam over, and my precious little boy flew back in to me and broke my nose… again!

First on January 1st, and now on April 3rd!

So new rule… no tickling my son when I am around – or else make sure I never come up behind him again!

OUCH!  I know the headache will last 2 weeks, so that should be fun.  Only good thing is that it didn’t telescope this time, just crunched.  I don’t think there is any doubt now that I will end up having the surgery when I can. ARRGGG!!

So tomorrow is the last day of spring break.  We have plans to swim again and cook out.

Can’t wait 🙂

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I can’t believe that my son is going to be 4 in August…  WOW!!  Next thing you know he’ll be dating!  DANG!!  It is like how I felt today…

At about 7:30 tonight I looked at the clock and said “Where did the day go – I feel like I just woke up”.  THAT is how I feel about how fast he is growing up!

Been watching videos we have taken over the years because I want to make some compilations as gifts and to show at his birthday party and it is just amazing…  when he was born, when he couldn’t walk, when he started walking, talking, and now he can dive down to the bottom of the pool by himself and swim around – amazing!

He spouts out logic all the time, with his hand on his hip or up in the air to emphasize the point (too cute).  He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  Can I just say that I am SOOO glad that he is a good eater!  He loves sushi night as much as I do!

Anything else I can brag about?  YES!  At this moment – I LOVE that he has so much empathy!  If I hit my hand or anything hurts and you say “Oww” – He says, “Are you ok mommy?  do you need a band aid?”  Then he will kiss me!  I could just eat him up! 🙂  His height is off the charts for his age – so I have to assume he will be tall – but he will still get in my lap when he is tired and let me rock him! 🙂

Ok – well I could go on and on – and assume I will every time something comes to me!


Please tell me who invented this form of torture! I only say this because I am sitting here in pain – no matter how I move, something hurts!

LOL  This week, we got bored with the 3rd stage of Slim in 6 – so we decided to Tae Bo – Did the basic one yesterday and again today… and while that made us create a puddle on the floor, we have decided to do the advanced version for the rest of the week… Boy THAT should be fun! 🙂

Then On Monday – P90X time begins – Kinda scary!  But we can do it! WOO – Let’s go!

Monday also begins my new relationship with food.. I need to eat breakfast.. hell, I need to eat before 4 in the afternoon!  My biggest problem is that I don’t eat all day and then I snack all night!

I am also going to get an exercise ball to sit on here at my desk – work on that core!  I think a lot of my pains will go away if I can get that core stronger!

I really have had a lot more energy and I feel better (minus the muscle pains of course) – but in general!  I think this is a good thing! WOO HOO!!

I gained 120 #s from being pregnant and on bed rest for 7 months – of course that is another story! Lost the majority of it – now just need to ‘clean it up’ 🙂 LOL

Favorite sayings from my son

Remember – he is 3…  🙂

1. cutest as learning logic: “Ok mommy, you have 2 choices.  Jump off the side of the pool or go inside and dry off and stay out of the pool” me: “ok I choose to go inside and stay out of the pool”. Son :”No, that option is gone. You have one option.”  oh made me LAUGH!

2.  one that makes me realize I need to watch my mouth:  (He uses hand gestures to emphasize) “Mommy, we don’t say bad words, or baby words.  Stupid is a bad word and you don’t say God-damn-it” me: “UH, yeah, you’re right sweetie, we don’t say those words, so let’s try not to even say them when we explain!” Son: “ok mommy, so you won’t say that anymore?”

random ones:

3. “Mommy, my TV is jacked up”

4. “Mommy, can we do the hokey pokey and turn our socks around”?

5. “Mommy, why are you always on the computer”

6.  “Mommy, Daddy said I was being naughty”

7. “Daddy, Mommy said you were being silly”

8. Me: ” you are in trouble, so I am putting your cars in time out” Son: “oh ok, but can you put my puzzles in time out instead? McQueen wants to stay with me.”

9.  “Mommy, why did you yell at that car?  Can they hear you?”  (ooopps!)

10.  and  my ABSOLUTE favorite : ‘I love that you are my mommy‘ 🙂

I will update this more as I remember them! 🙂


Had a good day at the beach today.  My son REALLY loves going there.. he runs in and out of the water constantly!  Then he will want to build a sand castle, so you start building it, get about 5 structures done – and then – just like clockwork – He will raze the whole thing!

He thinks this is extremely funny! 🙂  Which it is!  Then, he runs in the water and back out and wants to do a sand castle again…  You get the picture.  We also take ‘noodles’ to the beach – they are fun to hold on to while you bob around in the waves!

So as we were driving back home today, Hubby and I were discussing whether going to beach was really worth it – do the pros outweigh the cons?  “Back in the day” – going to beach meant taking a towel, a Walkman and a book…  Now I take a chair, an umbrella, a cooler with juice boxes and snacks, sandcastle making stuff, ‘noodles’, maybe a raft…  you have to pack all that up – hail it out to the spot, set it up, then break it down, load it up and haul it back to the car (obviously I don’t live on the beach)  🙂

In the end, hubby and I decided that it was worth it – although not everyday!  The reason it is worth it?  Because our son loves it so much and has such a good time!  Nothing beats seeing a happy 3 year old! 🙂  And maybe I will be a better Mommy and remember to bring the video and/or at least the camera and get good pics of the perfect child having fun! 🙂  My mother and mother-in-law would probably appreciate that too…


I actually am hoping that by writing a blog – sitting here every night or day – 1-2 times a day, whatever and putting stuff down, that I will be able to get myself focused back on writing my books…  I would really like to get one finished… but I need to get the focus back and the juices of creativity flowing!

I have a whole file folder of ideas, characters and stories.  They have been sitting there for years now.  So now I just need to figure out how to focus.

Pick a book and get it done.

Do you schedule a certain time of day to sit down and just write?  I had heard that works. Considering that calling me a scheduled person would be beyond stretching the definition of that word.. and would be an understatement – but you never know – that may be what it takes – doesn’t have to be the same exact time every day – but at least an hour or two of un-interrupted writing time?  hmmmm… could work – going to have to try something!  (sorry for the stream of consciousness flow there!)

I do wish that I could think in Sci-fi!  I LOVE to read it – am fascinated by the things that people come up with – but I just don’t ‘think’ that way – I think more in characters and mystery and espionage, drama type things!!

I surely know that I couldn’t write romance – even though I am a BIG fan of reading them!  I have to say that the dialog and wordplay that Nora Roberts (JD Robb) puts into her ‘in death’ books just makes me smile all the time!  Love those books!  I like to read books like that – easy and fun reads!

I have to be focused and have my brain on full alert to be able to read Dean Koontz! I remember starting the book with the red door (sorry  -I am horrible with titles)  I think he mentioned the door on the first page, I remember closing the book and asking my mom – ok, what’s up with the red door – she just laughed… I read the book – and of course the red door was significant (of course).  I remember writing one of my English papers in college – compare and contrast of Dean Kootz and Stephen King…  love them both –

I always keep up with certain series…  Jonathan Kellerman, JD Robb, Catherine Coulter FBI Series, Cornwell’s Scarpetta series, John Sandford (still waiting on another Kidd novel :))

The romance novels that are pure drivel however are only good to read when you have to completely shut down your brain!  I could never think of writing a novel where the ‘heroine’ has an orgasm when losing her virginity.. COME ON!  (I really don’t want to hear it if anyone reading this had that happen!)  🙂  but other than that – I do like the romance – the love/hate thing… the passion LOVE IT!

So be prepared, one day I might actually finish a book! 🙂

sex and the city

I am sitting here watching Sex in the City – on demand… I really loved\love this show!

These episodes are the 1st season ones!  Hilarious..  I’ve sat here and watched the one about the threesomes, the commitment, the rabbit – oh the rabbit – awesome invention – I must say…  and the one about the wild friend who moved to CT and had gotten pregnant… funny..  Then we moved to the one about abstinence..  hilarious!  What’s with abstinence! – I am not really really a fan of abstinence! for me anyway – not.a.fan!

Now watching the season 1 finale…  this show just really cracks me up! Though – the end – she should have gone on the vacation!  Maybe if she hadn’t pushed so hard for an answer right then, then they wouldn’t have had all the problems they had – yeah yeah yeah – I know – THEN we wouldn’t have had all the seasons – the drama – the finale and then the movie! – I get it…  still…

I had a really good story in my head to write on here – now I need to remember it and make it my next post! 🙂

until then….

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This weekend, I tried to explain to a friend why I was on twitter… and she didn’t buy it… didn’t understand why it would be cool to know that Joe was ‘going to the store’ – I kind of agree with that one… but I think it is cool and so very addicting!

But a real question that I would love to have answered – and I don’t know really how to have it answered is… are these celebrities that I am ‘following’ – are they really the people they say they are? The only reason I would want to know – is it would be nice if you could see if these celebrities actually have a personality – and what it is… I think this is a cool way for them to connect with their fans without having to be approached in person… I cannot imagine being a celebrity and having every move I make reported… can’t go out to eat, go to the grocery store – whatever – without someone taking a picture or whatever… I am one of those people who think that when a celebrity does a public event – they are on – it is their ‘job’. Making an appearance and doing interviews or greeting fans or whatever…. but when they are having a private dinner, shopping, driving down the road, at their own house – whatever…. then that is their time and they should be left alone….

I have made some replies to some of the people I am following, but haven’t gotten a response back!… I am sure that my tweets get lost in the plethora of responses that they get – and since I have no idea who these people really are it is fine with me – I love that we can put ideas out there – debate, hear ideas and get posts to interesting and fun things too!

I also have these announcements that someone is now following me – I wonder how you determine that you are going to follow just a normal person that you don’t know? The only reason that I have selected certain celebrities to follow is because I like their work and would love to see what kinds of things they say/do and if they are fun, interesting or boring! 🙂

Anyway – never got my friend to understand or accept twitter – I am hoping that maybe as I learn more about it and get more into it – I could be a better spokesperson and have her see the light! Who knows!! I have to learn a lot more though!!

Though I do have to say that if Twitter does agree to do the reality show where people stalk celebrities – I will quit using it – that is just wrong! If you are going to have a show that extols the fun and immediate nature of Twitter – then make it where the person being followed – or stalked or whatever they want to call it – agrees with it… I cannot even imagine how horrible it would be to be stalked by strangers – I mean don’t celebrities get enough of that already???