I am overwhelmed.



I posted the song of my life right now “Bring on the rain” a while back…  then followed it up with “Unstoppable“….  The meanings behind those 2 songs haven’t changed.

I have never run a business.

I have never sold anything in my life.

I am a computer programmer… a good one… I can write a kick ass client/server or even Web Database application…  but when I started all this new business stuff, I had to do websites and shopping carts and eCommerce and PayPal and Merchant Gateways and, and, and…  I had total information overload…  C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. 

Not to mention designing and making  the jewelry, and organizing, and bank accounts, and tax numbers, and LLCs, and merchant accounts, and cooking dinner, and getting quality time with my family, and laundry, and  and, and…. the same stuff everyone has to deal with on a daily basis…

So in essence, I exploded.

But then I started to look at all the pieces of me lying around and I noticed something…

I have gotten a lot done.

A lot of behind the scenes stuff is set.

I have made some things and something…

So slowly, I’m putting the pieces together where they go… 

Having appreciation for what they are and what they mean…

My mom, family, friends, husband and son are also finding ways to help me pick up the pieces and make them shine again…

I am overwhelmed…



I’m Procrastinating

Yes, I said it.  I admit it.  I’m Procrastinating.  A lot.

On the bright side though, my office is uber-organized now…  and it’s clean…  My bulletin board is hung with storyline index cards all over it.  The word processor is open.  My mind is spinning out thoughts and ideas… However, I haven’t typed in one single new word on any of the stories.  Oh joy!  It’s not writer’s block.. because like I said, the ideas are there.  Dreams, thoughts, ideas come all the time.  So what to do… what to do?

Maybe it is because I have noticed, through tweets, that people actually take time to write their blog posts.  They formulate, they think and they write brilliant posts!  I tend to  come here and just type and type and then publish.  Should I spend more time?  Come up with good anecdotes?  Write the post like you would write a paper…  have a beginning with points given on what is to come, then a body dissecting through those points and finally a nice summary with great philosophical meaning??

I’ll have to think on that one…  But if I think to hard, I would probably not write anything in a blog.  Believe it or not, I am a very private person and writing down thoughts and personal adventures for everyone to read completely takes me outside my normal comfort zone!  But I do it… and I’m glad that I do.  These posts are cathartic and fun at times!  I think what I need to do more often though is pose questions… ask for topics…

So does anyone have a topic they would like me to blog about?  Anything question anyone wants me to answer.  I’ve noticed some people have been doing the ‘ask me anything’ site – very interesting questions and answers I have seen! 🙂

Anyway – that is all for tonight.  Off to bed to dream about finishing my book and writing that next word in one of the stories!  Hopefully, I will stop procrastinating and connect my mind to my hands and get all of these thoughts written down!

which book?

ok – so for those that know me – skip this paragraph – for those that don’t… I believe that any person can become whatever they want to be – I don’t think about gender.  I do realize that in most cases, men are stronger than women – but other than that – not so much!  Let’s just ignore all the emotional BS talk and just realize that even if SOME women express emotions more, let’s say, freely, than others – doesn’t not mean much – because there are plenty of women who don’t want to ‘talk about it’ all time or know what men are thinking, or blah blah blah… you get it.

So I am trying to figure out which one of my stories to finish writing…  main theme in all 4 books that I am choosing between? They all have very strong females in the lead roles… so here are the choices – obviously in blurb format…

1.  Female assassin (too much thoughts to blurb)

2.  Computer programmer on vacation recovering from trauma, gets surprise visitor – injured man brought home by dog… 🙂

3.  Young woman on beach saves little boy -later gets help in difficult situation – turns out boy’s father was mob boss…

4.  Young woman gets caught up in drug smuggling and arrested in South American country…

I know this is not a lot of info (obviously) – some of these are more developed than others…  any comments? suggestions?  if you read this – please vote!  I am going to finish all of these actually – just need to pick the first one!

Thanks! 🙂

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