more motivation please!

Oh my!!  I sure do feel like I need more motivation…

This really has been a bad year, a good year and a meh year!  Maybe my blah feeling at the moment comes from the fact that it is raining and Monday, and Monday, and Monday???  Did I mention the rain? 🙂

I don’t have the wherewithal to write all of the reasons this has been a bad year.  Just suffice it to say that I have been at the brink of my emotional limit way too often this year so far.  Some of the things have been resolving themselves, but some haven’t and in the meantime have been taking their toll on me.

It has been a good year with my family.  Mostly…  ( I mean the fact that my uncle has stage 4 liver, and colon cancer is obviously part of my bad year…)

My son is awesome and is so sweet and growing every day into a great person….   Even though I got my heart ripped out by being told that he hates me (I still didn’t expect that until much later) – but we sat and talked about it and hopefully he realizes now that those are very strong words!!  Still OUCH though!

I know I am biased – I freely admit that he has ADD –  only in the fact that he is 3 (turning 4 soon)… but he really does have empathy and I am so grateful for that – here’s hoping that is what will keep him from the “I hate you” in the future!!  *fingers crossed* 🙂

Another good thing about this year is that I finally starting working out again… I know they say it took you 9 months to put on pregnancy weight and 9 months to take it off is usual…  but considering that it has been almost 4 years – I am well overdue!!  I am so grateful that I found someone here to workout with!  Working out by yourself (when you don’t have the motivation) – and even then – is SOOO hard!  Since we are seeing results and finding that we have more energy – this is really helpful!  Plus I made a new friend! WOO HOO – can’t beat that!

So what do I need more motivation for?

EVERYTHING!!!  Sometimes, like today as I was driving into my office, I couldn’t help but wish I was sitting on an island in a hammock reading a book.  No phones, no computer, no people – nothing but peace and quiet (except for the ocean)  Though I assume that is a dream or thought most people have all the time!

I need to plan a nice relaxing trip for me and hubby!  We need it…  Also a trip that I want to take soon is to teach my son Skiing… He is old enough now!!  I hope he hasn’t gotten so used to the FL heat that he won’t enjoy the snow!! Talking hubby into going to the slopes is going to be a feat though!  Last trip everyone got the 24 hour stomach flu – it was BAD – and that was hubby’s first and only trip to the slopes… so he isn’t as eager to go as I am! LOL

OK- well off to motivate myself to get some stuff done! 🙂


Someone please tell me – How do you focus, channel and implement your motivation?

In my head, I have all the motivation in the world.  I want to get up , work out, start my day clear headed and early, do some good work – get ahead, come home, work out, cook dinner and spend quality time with my son – and then relax when he goes to bed, read, write, whatever…

However – my day just doesn’t seem to be that productive!  All the things that I want to do to get healthy seems to fall by the wayside!  I eat food that tastes good – and is so not good for you, takes me forever to get my head going in the right direction in the morning – so no working out in the morning…  I can get up at 7 – but not even begin to feel productive until 10 –

But enough whining.  today is Sunday – Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week – I plan to get up in the morning – walk on the treadmill and then start my day the way I want it to go – get the ideas that are always in my head, and implement them.  That includes at work – there are so many things and projects that can be started!

Here’s hoping that I can actually pull it out and do it – I know I will slip – but I have got to try!!