Spring Break

So…  I originally started a post about this week being my son’s spring break…  I couldn’t write anything other than that sentence.

Then last night, I felt like the worst mommy in the world.  I got frustrated with my son, not only for his BAD behavior at bedtime, but for the entire week.  So for this week, I suck as a mom.

I thought it would be good for us to go visit relatives around Florida.

We went to Ft. Meyers and then to Boca.  We were going to go down to the keys too – but that got nipped.

So why does this make me suck?

Imagine taking a 4 year old to people’s houses who have EVERYTHING in its place.  Don’t touch anything!

That really doesn’t make a good time with a 4 year old who doesn’t understand they can’t play with anything.

NOTE TO SELF: Disney world, Busch Gardens, Aquarium… anything for kids.

Lesson learned.

Now… today, I decided to spend the day in the pool with my son to make up for last night and to have fun.

As I am sure any mom knows, he already forgot about getting in trouble…

And we had a great day!

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention that while playing in the pool with his dad, I swam over, and my precious little boy flew back in to me and broke my nose… again!

First on January 1st, and now on April 3rd!

So new rule… no tickling my son when I am around – or else make sure I never come up behind him again!

OUCH!  I know the headache will last 2 weeks, so that should be fun.  Only good thing is that it didn’t telescope this time, just crunched.  I don’t think there is any doubt now that I will end up having the surgery when I can. ARRGGG!!

So tomorrow is the last day of spring break.  We have plans to swim again and cook out.

Can’t wait 🙂

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Happy New Year

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or Facebook – already know that I started my New Year off with a crunch!  As my mother tickled my son, I turned around on the couch to watch… he slammed up and back and crunched my nose…  All I can say is OUCH!!!

Seems that he telescoped my septum – which means (I had to ask the doc what he meant….) that he broke the septum and it went back on itself…  He gave me a demonstration (I love visuals) – He took a tongue depressor and broke it in half and showed me that the two ends should meet, but they don’t, they are on top of one another…  NICE!

So, I had 2 options – surgery to fix it – or since bone wasn’t broken he gave me the option to mold the nose back in to place.  I chose the molding option, though now, not sure why and may change my mind in the next week!

Supposedly, this headache should last for about 2 weeks (only 6 more days to go!!!)  But to top all this off, there is MORE!!  Since I DO NOT do well with pain medication (allergic to the good stuff) I haven’t been able to find stuff that helps…  So at night, when you have no control, The pain must be really bad because I was clenching my jaw.  The 3rd night I woke up and could barely open my mouth – and while my husband may like the sound of that – I didn’t like the pain!! 🙂  So I started taking Valium at night and the clench turned into grinding…  so now the gums on my lower right jaw are inflamed…  This just keeps getting better!  Well – through lots of advice… I got a bite plate to use until this pain goes away – 6 more days, right???  Plus taking Xanax last night, helped a little more!

Sitting here today thinking, I wonder – will this affect my ability to scuba dive?  Should I just go ahead and have the surgery so it will heal correctly by the time I want to go diving??  I plan to call the doc on Monday and ask him…  I can breath ok – but it is different.  Though, I am assuming since I didn’t break bone, and my sinuses looked fine – I should be ok for diving!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I had my deviated septum fixed 2 years ago??  Just gotta love it!