First Day of VPK

My darling son turned 4 years old – which in Florida means that he can attend VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten)…  Today was his first day.  We went last Friday to the ‘open house’ – where he got to meet his teacher, and a few of the kids that will be in his class…

This morning I was more worried that I wouldn’t be able to get up in time, get him dressed and at the school on time than I was that he wouldn’t like it!  I REALLY don’t do mornings!  When he went to the normal daycare, it really didn’t matter what time I got him there, but school is very regimented!  Good for him, bad for me – hopefully I will survive without too much trauma myself (I am so tired today, going to have to start going to bed before 2 am)

Anyway, we got up, he got dressed in his ‘uniform’, we grabbed breakfast to go, his lunch box, and took off.  When we got there – He ran right over to the bookshelf area, grabbed a book and sat down.  I had to search to find him! What a way to say – “Thanks for the ride mommy… see ya!”  Though I am glad that he wasn’t upset or nervous about going! When I did find him, he jumped up and showed me his ‘seat’ (they had names on the tables), gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and then started playing with a little girl – I am sure I will find out her name soon!

One of the things I liked most about his daycare was the fact that I could watch him on the webcam.  So today – no webcam… and I don’t think they will let me install one… LOL…  I picked him up and he ran over yelling mommy and gave me a great big hug – seriously – can you beat that???  so then I took a picture – well tried… he was too busy introducing me to his new friends and talking to these 2 cute little girls – he wouldn’t ‘pose’ for me! Great Day!



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