Forever Humbled

Ever since 9/11/2001 changed our country and our lives forever, most of us have rediscovered the premise and hope of community.

What does community mean? One of the Merriam-Webster definitions states: an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location; or society at large.

The first part of that aligns with my definition. Focus on the keyword ‘interacting’.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  Don’t you ever wonder why some sayings last for generations?

Do you remember in the aftershock of 9/11, communities came together, everyone flew their flags, helped out their neighbors, put away their petty bickering… just stood there in shock and wondered what happened and what could they do to help…

How long did that last?

For some people, it changed their lives forever.

I am talking about those who lost loved ones in the towers, the pentagon or in that field in Pennsylvania.

I am talking about all of the people that have lost their brothers and sisters, their husbands and wives, their sons and daughters, their grandsons and granddaughters, their fathers and mothers, their aunts and uncles, their nieces and nephews, their cousins, their friends in this current war or the other wars that came before.

Our country rallies when attacked – obviously… but what I would like to see is our country rally every day.  All it takes is one person in a room to do a good deed, to help out someone less fortunate or to offer kind words to someone who needs them.  Being a good community member doesn’t take money.  Though obviously that would be very helpful too…  It doesn’t take much time to be nice.

  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Let someone merge in front of you on the interstate.
  • Help someone struggling carry their load.
  • Take old clothes, blankets, toys, etc – to places that could use them… never throw useful stuff away.
  • Volunteer as often as you can at shelters, soup kitchens, etc – every community needs help!
  • SMILE at someone – randomly – it will make their day!

I had a co-worker come in to my office today to tell me that she was going to take all the extra food left over from meetings this week, down to the homeless tonight instead of throwing it away…  it will take a few minutes, but is worth it.

I just read a tweet from Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter (and I changed the title of my post after reading it) – too long to re-tweet, so I will put it here: @DonnieWahlberg: Amidst all the fun today- I will take time to remember the heroes. To remember those lost. To be thankful, mindful and forever humbled. 9/11

Here is the one from Sarah Robinson that made me want to write a post today… @SarahRobinson Thinking about 9/11 reminds me that it is all so very fleeting. What is truly important comes into laser sharp focus. The rest falls away.

Also from\through Twitter and the web – Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore helped out many mayors across the country get the word out about a new initiative – hope it takes hold and does some good – OUR country could use it!  Check it out and see what you can do to help someone in need.

Web: or follow them on Twitter:

I have a whole room in my house dedicated to our country. We call it the ‘red, white, and blue” or the ‘patriotic” room.  The bedding is red, white and blue, one wall is painted blue – but what makes it ‘patriotic’? The ‘decorations’.

  • An American flag folded in a case above a display of medals and accomplishments of a young man (my husband’s uncle) who died in Vietnam.
  • A frame filled with pictures of my husband’s grandfathers in their uniforms.
  • A pen drawing of a fighter plane drawn by my husband’s cousin (it is amazing)
  • A picture of my brother in law (Navy Seal) with his Brothers in arms…
  • Another flag in a case sent to my husband by a platoon currently in Iraq.

Just thought I would share this today… Why I didn’t do it on Memorial Day – I’m not sure…  I am proud to be an American.  I love my family, friends, community and country.  I plan to become a better citizen in all of those groups! 🙂

Memorial Day

On twitter today I sent out an ‘ethereal shout out’ to the men and women who died giving us our freedom. Thank you! There aren’t words enough to express.
This morning at my friend’s house, we talked about going to lunch and she asked her hubby to choose where we go for lunch in honor of his service in the Marine Corps…

He said that today was not Veterans Day – it was Memorial Day and since he was alive, today wasn’t for him.

So we went to lunch and drank a toast to his friend that did die in Iraq – he wears a memorial bracelet for him. To me, that completely sums up what today is all about

In my home, we have dedicated a whole room to ‘patriotism’… I call it the red, white and blue room – cheesy I know, but we have the colors in there and they look nice, deep colors. The room is filled with the flag from my husband’s uncle’s funeral, his pictures and medals, pictures of his grandfathers in their uniforms, and my grandfather in his… also a few other meaningful memorabilia. I love this room and what it means to both my husband and me!

I hope that everyone today at least once thought about the men and women who died to give them the freedoms that they enjoy and just didn’t write today off as a free day off from work!