daily stuff

So what does it take to survive your day?

I don’t know that many people think about what other people have to endure in their day, because most people get so wrapped up in their own daily grind.

I know that I rarely think of how another person’s day is going unless it is a friend, or family member and/or something has happened to put that person on my radar.

Ask yourself… when you are in a hurry and you stop to get gas, coffee from starbucks, or a drive thru – do you ever take the time to smile and say thank you or how are you doing today?

I didn’t used to – but have been lately.  Admittedly, it does not make me really think of how they get through their day – but it does help me get through mine.

Of course, some of them look at me like I am a total loon, but most of the time, you can tell that a little act of humanism and ‘niceness’ has taken them off guard and you can almost see a change in their stature and mood.  Try it some time!

Memorial Day

On twitter today I sent out an ‘ethereal shout out’ to the men and women who died giving us our freedom. Thank you! There aren’t words enough to express.
This morning at my friend’s house, we talked about going to lunch and she asked her hubby to choose where we go for lunch in honor of his service in the Marine Corps…

He said that today was not Veterans Day – it was Memorial Day and since he was alive, today wasn’t for him.

So we went to lunch and drank a toast to his friend that did die in Iraq – he wears a memorial bracelet for him. To me, that completely sums up what today is all about

In my home, we have dedicated a whole room to ‘patriotism’… I call it the red, white and blue room – cheesy I know, but we have the colors in there and they look nice, deep colors. The room is filled with the flag from my husband’s uncle’s funeral, his pictures and medals, pictures of his grandfathers in their uniforms, and my grandfather in his… also a few other meaningful memorabilia. I love this room and what it means to both my husband and me!

I hope that everyone today at least once thought about the men and women who died to give them the freedoms that they enjoy and just didn’t write today off as a free day off from work!