Please tell me who invented this form of torture! I only say this because I am sitting here in pain – no matter how I move, something hurts!

LOL  This week, we got bored with the 3rd stage of Slim in 6 – so we decided to Tae Bo – Did the basic one yesterday and again today… and while that made us create a puddle on the floor, we have decided to do the advanced version for the rest of the week… Boy THAT should be fun! 🙂

Then On Monday – P90X time begins – Kinda scary!  But we can do it! WOO – Let’s go!

Monday also begins my new relationship with food.. I need to eat breakfast.. hell, I need to eat before 4 in the afternoon!  My biggest problem is that I don’t eat all day and then I snack all night!

I am also going to get an exercise ball to sit on here at my desk – work on that core!  I think a lot of my pains will go away if I can get that core stronger!

I really have had a lot more energy and I feel better (minus the muscle pains of course) – but in general!  I think this is a good thing! WOO HOO!!

I gained 120 #s from being pregnant and on bed rest for 7 months – of course that is another story! Lost the majority of it – now just need to ‘clean it up’ 🙂 LOL