Best Intentions

I always have the best intentions… I really, really do.

I am still so excited about changing my game – though I am starting to realize that I need to decide what exactly I am going to change.

It is 1 am now, and I am about to go to bed – still earlier than normal, but later than I need it to be.

I need to get up and get going in the morning – something I have not been able to master in all of my ‘grown-up’ years!  Ever since my hubby took this new job – he has to leave the house between 5:45 and 6:00 am… which means that the days of me being able to sleep in while he handled getting our son to daycare (now school) is OVER.  It is up to me.  5 days a week. so my new ‘resolution’ about going to bed early isn’t for me – it is for him…  I need to be awake and functioning in an efficient manner in the mornings – and that has not been the case since this new schedule has taken effect.  I will make this work… but whew is it hard!  I do my best thinking and working at night when everything is quiet, no interruptions and I can focus.  It is going to take a big shift change in my way of thinking and doing…

Back to the best intentions… besides going to bed early, I planned to start writing, working out again and removing the BS that is in my way. Oh yeah – and eating 5 times a day…

So far, the only one of those I have done is start to remove the BS in my way…  Which is a good start, don’t get me wrong…  but the morning after I wrote my last post, I woke up (so did the whole household) coughing up my lungs…  It has been a bad couple of days let me tell you..  I don’t even want to take a deep breath because it hurts so bad… so you can imagine how much I will NOT be working out until this stops!

However, I did organize some charts for me to keep up with my daily eating, exercise and activities!  and starting tomorrow, I plan to at least start stretching out – that shouldn’t make me breathe hard right?  As for eating 5 times a day – I have lost 7 pounds because I haven’t wanted to eat at all and have forced down protein shakes!  (yeah, I know – the violins are playing… LOL – and I know I will survive on the fat reserves I have!) 🙂

Now writing…  now that the headache (from the broken nose) has leveled off back down to a functioning level – I will be organizing which story I want to write and start kicking it out.

So here is to the morning!  May it be a good one – giving me a happy son, a lesser headache and coughing, and the energy to JUST WRITE!

Until next time… 🙂

It is about to begin

I think I have my ducks lining up in the row…  I plan to change my daily schedule…  Starting Monday – considering that it is 4:40 am right now – starting tomorrow won’t work…  but by the time Monday rolls around, I plan to have my schedule penciled in.

Hopefully some days I will write more than my ‘scheduled’ time or word count goal for the day…  I feel my creative juices starting to peek out of wherever they have hidden and I plan on grabbing on to them and not letting them run low again! 🙂  I have a lot of stories in my head, written down on paper and typed in to the computer… I have spent time organizing all of them – and they are there for reference….

So, I am working on turning off that internal editor, and plan to just write  it all down – all the thoughts – make the story flow and THEN go back and edit!  I am getting excited! 🙂

Labor Day

Wow – what a great weekend! We had a lot of family come in town and while it seemed a little hectic at times – it was fun.  Great weather here this weekend!  Lots of pool time and against my better judgment – shopping time…  Seriously – I will not go to a mall again for a long, long, long, long (get the picture yet?) long time…. 🙂  Just saying.

Can I just say how excited I am about my son’s new sleeping schedule?  I don’t want to jinx it – but he has now gone to sleep on the new schedule for 6 nights in a row…  How awesome is that?  Let me just tell you how awesome it is – VERY!  I am very happy to discover that consistency is the key and we can actually do it! 🙂