Tv watching

ok – so I watched a lot of my finales tonight. I watched the -as it turns out – very last episode of Without A Trace… pretty good… sorry to see it go. The Sam\Jack breakup came off as lame – but they really shouldn’t have ever gotten back together again. Nice to see Nicholas Brendon on there though – even if he was a bad guy.

NCIS – oh still one of my favorite shows. I think that the last line Ziva said to Gibbs made him realize she had a plan – and he knows she will be back after she does what she needs to do to find out what is really going on with her dad. Even though I watch the re-runs all the time and my hubby groans at me – he watched the finale with me – just had it on enough delay to breeze through the commercials – I know that is how networks get their money – but MAN.

Law& Order -SVU… not the finale tonight – that is in two weeks – but tonight had a few scenes on this one just had my skin crawling – of course I know it is because I have a 3 year old and there was a serial killer of 3 year olds on there – I wonder if the writers threw up writing that diatribe of the killer? I do have to say that I liked the twist at the end of the show though… almost astronomical odds on that – sad and bittersweet – ALMOST made you hope the guy gets help.

I did watch American Idol – but breezed through most of it – voted for Kris – but Adam will probably win…

Been following the shows that are being canceled and renewed – like said above – sad to see WAC canceled – also not happy The Unit is gone! or Eleventh Hour… Especially when seeing the list of ones renewed!!

They did a good job with the cliffhanger on Grey’s Anatomy last week – The 2 actors that supposedly wanted out of the show all year… will they live or die? sign or walk? hmmmm…. I sure do hope that Charlotte is saved in Private Practice!

ok – trying to finish the season finale of One Tree Hill – even though I read the spoilers – before I go to bed. Night.