Yeah, you read that right.  Snot.  It is the bane of my existence.

I woke up this morning sick… again!  Really getting tired of this!


How bad was it?  Well let’s just say that between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning, I was dreaming.  (sorry in advance for the visuals here)  My dreams were about snot.  I was blowing my nose,  sneezing up snot, coughing up snot, had my hands in snot…. I was literally COVERED in snot at one point in a dream.  Nice visuals huh?  🙂  Think how I felt after I woke up!  I took a shower before I even brushed my teeth (very unusual for me since I cannot make it 10 minutes after waking up without brushing my teeth) – but I felt really yucky this morning!

Why am I so angry?  Well it could be because is an awesome sunny, warm day here in Florida – and normally that would be enough… but OH NO!  This is the 3rd cold I have had this year…  For those that have never read my blog before, my son accidentally broke my nose on January 1st.  Then I got a nice chest cold that lasted over 3 weeks.  Recovered from that for what felt like a day and got another nasty bug that stayed with me for 2 weeks, causing nose bleeds, and needing antibiotics.  FYI – I just threw the antibiotic bottle away last night… and then here we go again!

See why I’m angry?  Thought you might!  I’m just hoping that like my last little bug, my hubby and son do NOT get this!

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Best Intentions

I always have the best intentions… I really, really do.

I am still so excited about changing my game – though I am starting to realize that I need to decide what exactly I am going to change.

It is 1 am now, and I am about to go to bed – still earlier than normal, but later than I need it to be.

I need to get up and get going in the morning – something I have not been able to master in all of my ‘grown-up’ years!  Ever since my hubby took this new job – he has to leave the house between 5:45 and 6:00 am… which means that the days of me being able to sleep in while he handled getting our son to daycare (now school) is OVER.  It is up to me.  5 days a week. so my new ‘resolution’ about going to bed early isn’t for me – it is for him…  I need to be awake and functioning in an efficient manner in the mornings – and that has not been the case since this new schedule has taken effect.  I will make this work… but whew is it hard!  I do my best thinking and working at night when everything is quiet, no interruptions and I can focus.  It is going to take a big shift change in my way of thinking and doing…

Back to the best intentions… besides going to bed early, I planned to start writing, working out again and removing the BS that is in my way. Oh yeah – and eating 5 times a day…

So far, the only one of those I have done is start to remove the BS in my way…  Which is a good start, don’t get me wrong…  but the morning after I wrote my last post, I woke up (so did the whole household) coughing up my lungs…  It has been a bad couple of days let me tell you..  I don’t even want to take a deep breath because it hurts so bad… so you can imagine how much I will NOT be working out until this stops!

However, I did organize some charts for me to keep up with my daily eating, exercise and activities!  and starting tomorrow, I plan to at least start stretching out – that shouldn’t make me breathe hard right?  As for eating 5 times a day – I have lost 7 pounds because I haven’t wanted to eat at all and have forced down protein shakes!  (yeah, I know – the violins are playing… LOL – and I know I will survive on the fat reserves I have!) 🙂

Now writing…  now that the headache (from the broken nose) has leveled off back down to a functioning level – I will be organizing which story I want to write and start kicking it out.

So here is to the morning!  May it be a good one – giving me a happy son, a lesser headache and coughing, and the energy to JUST WRITE!

Until next time… 🙂

weird and good day

ok – so I had a weird day…  Had to go to a meeting with the President of the company – which went well… then we went to lunch – it was good – even though we ended up talking about the situation at work that I mentioned in an earlier post – but still ok…

Then we drive back to the office and I rub my nose – blood…  I think WHAT?  finally find some tissues, then get a mirror and realize that it is not coming out of my nose – but on the side… and A LOT…  SO I called my dermatologist and went in – got some creme to put on it – hope that doesn’t happen again – really freaked me out…

Then I head home and get hit with a head cold… I was supposed to go to a party tonight with the girls! – and I had to cancel 😦 – which really bummed me out – came home, curled up in bed and slept.

Then brought the laptop in and got entertained by the twitterverse while watching NCIS!  Can you really watch that show too much (and no, my hubby does not get a vote on that). Had some wine and cold meds!! :0

So my 3 year old brings in his ‘GO FISH’ cards(which are really helping him learn his alphabet – he is so awesome!! sorry, I digress…)  we played a game (he won)… So I asked him what mommy could write about tonight…  He put his finger to his lips, tapped it a few times (again, SO CUTE!) and said “Something good”

I said, “Ok, what is good to say” – He said “I love you” (so much better than the H word the other night – still in shell shock from it – but recovering.. digressing again…)

Then he said “Sing Old MacDonald” – well I’m not going to make a video of me singing that to post – so just imagine someone who can’t sing – but has fun singing it with her son…

So those are my good things to say! My son is awesome!

disturbing thoughts & correction

ok – so I finally decided to let someone I know read this blog – so I thought I should read over what I wrote, because this person knows me! 🙂

So my first corrections is for the statement I made about suicide… I said that I could not argue both sides of that… let me clarify that now… Lately, I have seen WAY TOO MANY headlines about a parent coming home and killing their kids, spouses and even themselves (some of them)… I can’t really even bear to read the stories anymore. So here is my argument FOR suicide (take with a grain of salt please). If you feel that life is so bad, there is no hope, no other option – and your decision is that it would be best to just put your family out of ‘their’ misery – then by all means – kill yourself – yourself ONLY!!! Especially if you decide to kill your family and leave your cowardly, selfish, evil self alive. Because I am not a cowardly, selfish, evil person – I cannot even fathom how deciding that killing children would ever be ‘better’ for them…

Of course I vehemently advocate taking yourself to a hospital and getting some help. There is always help and hope… and maybe by pulling your head out, you might get your priorities right and raise your family to become everything that they should be. Man, I probably shouldn’t post this – but this ‘pandemic’ we are seeing lately of killings – just boils my blood and makes me sick!

Just read the story of the woman who killed her 3 year old, performed CPR on him, brought him back. then killed him again…. (poor child buried in the sandbox) First reports – so who knows if true – but damn…. OH MY GOD – I didn’t need to read that…