Yeah, you read that right.  Snot.  It is the bane of my existence.

I woke up this morning sick… again!  Really getting tired of this!


How bad was it?  Well let’s just say that between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning, I was dreaming.  (sorry in advance for the visuals here)  My dreams were about snot.  I was blowing my nose,  sneezing up snot, coughing up snot, had my hands in snot…. I was literally COVERED in snot at one point in a dream.  Nice visuals huh?  🙂  Think how I felt after I woke up!  I took a shower before I even brushed my teeth (very unusual for me since I cannot make it 10 minutes after waking up without brushing my teeth) – but I felt really yucky this morning!

Why am I so angry?  Well it could be because is an awesome sunny, warm day here in Florida – and normally that would be enough… but OH NO!  This is the 3rd cold I have had this year…  For those that have never read my blog before, my son accidentally broke my nose on January 1st.  Then I got a nice chest cold that lasted over 3 weeks.  Recovered from that for what felt like a day and got another nasty bug that stayed with me for 2 weeks, causing nose bleeds, and needing antibiotics.  FYI – I just threw the antibiotic bottle away last night… and then here we go again!

See why I’m angry?  Thought you might!  I’m just hoping that like my last little bug, my hubby and son do NOT get this!

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